Fabolous - Now What lyrics

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Uh, they call me G-H-E-T-T-O, nigga

Uh, uh, I'm back on that bullshit

Haha, who could fuck around? Huh? uh..


I bet you look at things from a different perspective

When you see the size of the slugs, the fifth or the tech get

A couple'll lift a detective

And make sure the legs that he used to walked with is defective

All you niggas do is sit on blocks and jive

About who's the baddest bitch and if Pac's alive

Nigga, I'm in a aqua five

With a button that make the roof flip back like pocket knives

I can't knock ya drive, you feelin' like Rocky

Till you get a beatin' like he got in Rocky 5

The squad'll still hold toast, and get these bitches

To open they legs wider than a field goal post

Broke niggas don't wanna stand my grind so they knock it

Think my jeans got Mickey D's signs on my pockets

The hydro combined with, the chocolate have ya eyes

Lookin' like the tall dude who signed with the Rockets

The flow is so sick, sooner or later

These niggas gonna need barf bags bigger than golf bags

The coke get flew on planes monthly

And cops search me for weapons harder than they do in Hussein country

And any chick that get a view of the chain wit me

I guess that's what Jay meant by chain reactions

Bitch! It's nothin' to thumb off some notes

Fuck a dealer, I get 'em when they come off the boat, fucka


Yeah, Ghetto...

Fab, nigga, uh..

Uh, Street Family..

Uh, pay attention, y'all..

Please, uh, yeah..

You could love Fab, hate Fab, I don't care

Send ya clothes with the check or I don't wear

Uh huh, yeah..

Uh.. uh.. yeah..

Street Dreams the mixtape, uh huh.. yeah..

Uh, let's get this money, y'all..

Let's get this money, y'all..

Uh, uh, uhhh..

[fades out]

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