Fabolous - Not Give a Fuck lyrics

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I'm here to shake up the world...

I'm somethin' like a phenomenom

But still dumpin' whenever the drama's on

Ya'll hustlers can't eat fit meals

And it feels somethin' like when it's ramadon

Hope you chumps been walkin' with armor on

Somethin's turnin' his momma on

I like to see rumps in pharoah garment thongs

Bet it look plump when you got pajama's on

Jump inlet's hit the bahama's ma'

And it's crunk whenever I'm on the song

Bumpin' like "bumb-ba-bump

I'm particularly picky,

When it comes to licky licky,

Have'em slidin' off them vickie's quickly,

Under the doo-rag,? ? sixty,

It's the hypno and sticky icky,

I said okay!


I'm fly enough, to do better,

But pimp enough to not give a fuck,

And I'm thug enough, to do better,

And gangsta enough to not give a fuck,

I'm hustlin' enough, to know better,

But ballin' enough to not give a fuck,

And i'm, old enough, to know better,

But young enough to not give a fuck

D-d-d-d-dammit man,

I'm in a throwback so old,

It'll make your grandma glance,

And everybody know, everybody go,

So please, call the stretch ambulance,

These dudes don't stand a chance,

When I pull up like the pamper brand,

Those in the lambo slants,

With a madame from france,

With a ass so big,

You couldn't hide it in hammer pants,

Who else be in new york,

With miami tans,

Got everybody doin' the street family dance,

I'm sure this hammer can,

Make you save that gangsta role for the camera man,

F-a-b, you preferably,

Don't wanna f wit me,

Please believe it,

I'm definately, as responsible,

For gettin' the city high as 'clef would be,

Believe it please


I'm introduced to your women friends,

'cause I buy double duces,

That ? ? , like they boots made by timbaland,

I have to remind,

Since I got drafted and signed,

Ya'll playa's get used to the scrimagin'

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