Fabolous - Next Generation lyrics

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Uh, uh yeah, yeah, oh

Rap's new generation, N-n-next g-gen-gene-generation

Rap's new generation

Rap's new generation, N-n-next g-gen-gene-generation

[Jo Jo Pellegrino]

Well, say hello to the rap Al Capone, south with pone

Tommy gun duck fitted to my mouth is chrome

Don't get it backwards, Stuck Shore South is home

Pelle who, soon to be caked out and blown

Boss of the bosses, Pricehead, Soldier apparel

Read the paper in my bed robe like Tony Soprano

Throw em' all in the bottomless pit

For rockin' bowling shoes, talk about rocks and shit

[Cadillac Tah]

Yo, you bitch niggas is prey, time pay

I leave you shrumped in this five coupe [Errr]

Faggot nigga I slide through

Any hood representin' my set, generation is new

But I wear this tech like a vest

Spit and tear up ya vest

D-A double D for that dough

Hit em' where it hurt most

You niggas ain't comin' close

I run up, gun up, hit you and ya done up, playa you ghost

We killers, Violator, Murderer niggas



It's the violator, clip changer, mix the mayor

Got trick eight to throw more kisses than Jada

And a bitch serve the guard properly

She give me blows under the belt like a dirty boxer

It's R. Cadillac's on twenty-twos

And jewels that give you cataracts, bitch who you foolin'

They gave me eight bars, no room to breathe

And eight darts nigga, no one to leave


I come out with fire

Stop, drop, roll out the booth

Th rims come out the tires

I stop, hop fall off the roof

Only thing you should know is that's them hoin'

This playa comin' back with the 4-5, like M. Jordan

It's spelled with a capital F

See everything from the sweater to the scarf to the capital F

Now with the hoodrats, I'm like the rappin' Hugh hef

Better known as F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S



It's time to seperate the oil from the cut and gotten the pot

So when the flame rise niggas gon' respect what's hot

Four chain glock on em' with no warning

Leave ya hood like a circle with no corners

Made dough with the pot, heatin' and raisin'

Been around more pies than sweet potatoes

Violators, big dogs respect the line

Niggas act, I'ma tear em' up in the club like Shyne

[Remy Martin]

Y'all know if I spill sixteen it's a massive commodity

[Machine Gun Firing]

So I'ma just lay eight and etch the bodies

Everybody knows who's the hottest bitch

And that's why I'm the only bitch on this shit

And any ho that chu' know love Rem and Nick

Cause I spit as if I had a dick

This rap shit I done mastered it, 8-ball assassin chick

Wanna give it to me but they know I'm not havin' it


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