Fabolous! New song: Where Im from we go to war. Really compelling

Fabolous! New song: Where Im from we go to war. Really compellingWhere he's from, people do something. Where Fabolous is from, people dream, and don't get sidetracked. The intro from The Pursuit Of Happiness acts like a motto for this song. 'You want something, you go and get it!' That's about how real it gets. People tell you not to go the same path they went, because they've done that and failed at it. This way, nothing would be achieved. One man's failure would be humanity's failure. It wouldn't be 'one small step for man(Armstrong), one giant step for humanity'. It's just that! We need to let other people, youngsters, to be more precise, climb the peeks we never dreamed of climbing. That way, the whole humanity wins. It shouldn't be the other way around. No wonder he picked Will Smith as his lyrical guru on this one. The man's got inspiration written all over him. A wish come true, that's what Will is.

Fabolous's dream had something to do with music and inspiration, that's why he made this song, and many others like it. 'We are at war', he goes, but not like that Soulja Boy tweet war (a dis', a well placed punch under the belt), it's just you and me, no soldiers, go the next few lines. Don't act Hollywood, is his next take on the way of life. A quick 'other man's girl' reference, in 'Don't call my phone when she come home, nigga, ask yo wife / I killed the pussy, she come back to you in the afterlife'. This is most ingenious, if you ask me. The 'afterlife' is not only where pussies go after they've been 'killed', but the life where the lesser dick is being offered. A way of saying chose life? We've no account of what's after all this, so make the most of life? I believe so. 'Click click, bang, ain't nobody got time fo' that'. True that. Would you imagine how much time is wasted when trying to cover up a murder? I'm not talking strictly about the cleaning of the spot and the making sure nobody saw you, but the lawsuits, the lawyers, the appeals, the bails, the contempt, nerves, balls, thoughts, tears, anger, hope. If each rapper that brags about laying a body would have actually done so, we would receive only a quarter of the songs they actually deliver, at yearly intervals. Nobody would have any booth time, would they?

The outro is hilarious: 'We ain't home, in that 850, might be with yo bitch / Might not be!'. It's Fabolous' way of saying it's a game of peek-a-boo. Suspicion is the main ingredient. Guard your wives!

Don't listen to this song! Your wives will be left unattended. Fabolous might be with them! Just kidding. Tell us if this song did something for you, inspirational or otherwise. Use the comment box in the song's lyrics page, or www.facebook.com/Song.lyrics.videos.and.news

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