Fabolous - Never Let It Go lyrics

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<FONT size="1"><B>(feat. Keys)</B></FONT><BR><BR>

<i>[Chorus - Keys]</i> <br>

If only I could see you again <br>

I will make sure that those days never end <br>

If only I could do it all again <br>

Just to have one more chance <br>

I'll never let it go <br>


<i>[Fabolous talking over Chorus]</i> <br>

I mean life's not like that though <br>

Sometimes you only get one shot <br>

Most times, yeah <br>


<i>[Verse 1 - Fabolous]</i> <br>

Don't you hate a could of, would of, should of nigga? <br>

Could of did, would of did, well you should of nigga (nigga) <br>

I am never on the iffy shit <br>

You see her with me, you ain't gotta wonder if he hit <br>

My daddy was a player too, Ken Griffey shit <br>

He said kill these hoes and get the death certificates (haha) <br>

So when I do me, I over do it <br>

In the red Rover sendin bitches over to it <br>

Might use the Caddy, part-time golfer <br>

But act now I'm a limited time offer <br>

And I'm off the, chain like a stray dog <br>

If I want it, I'm a fetch it, I don't play dog (I don't play dog) <br>

I see the game from a sick angle <br>

New York had a chance, the bitch pick Tango <br>

In my case you get one opportunity <br>

Minus convertible, so let's call it drop-tunity, haha <br>


<i>[Chorus]</i> <br>


<i>[Verse 2 - Fabolous]</i> <br>

Get a slice of the pie now, you wait 'til the pizza's cold <br>

Then you sayin what you (Shoulda) did like Keyshia Cole <br>

(I Should Have Cheated) (nah), I (Shoulda Let You Go) (nah) <br>

I just shake 'em off (yeah), Etch A Sketch a ho (haha) <br>

I draw a blank, back to the drawing board <br>

I'm like Michael Jordan if we talkin scorin broads (damn) <br>

To me you got one chance to miss ya shot (yeah) <br>

Better get ya J up (yeah), life is not a layup (nah) <br>

Meanin, sometime they make it hard <br>

Like a straight dude, naked broad get on top of me <br>

Why give an inch if she can take a yard? (woo) <br>

You land on "Chance," take a card, it's Monopoly <br>

I think past "Go" (yeah), 200 on my mental dash though <br>

And my foot is on the gas ho <br>

If opportunity ain't there, make one <br>

They ain't give me a chance, so I had to take one, Los' <br>


<i>[Chorus]</i> <br>


<i>[Fabolous talking over Chorus]</i> <br>

Niggaz be lookin at shit that's right in front of 'em man <br>

They don't even see their chance is right in front of 'em <br>

You know? It's fucked up <br>


<i>[Verse 3 - Fabolous]</i> <br>

I look at Obama and I more than glance <br>

I don't just see change, I saw a chance <br>

How many hustlers do you know waitin for a chance? <br>

Some pedal more than Lance in the Tour de France <br>

How many convicts inside waitin for a break? <br>

That's rare, short time, waitin for a steak <br>

How many shooters holdin heat, waitin for a shot? <br>

Fall asleep in the car waitin for a shot <br>

Sniper's in D.C., I know what he see <br>

I'm tryin to put you on to it, Cici <br>

Just ate fried chicken, I took greasy <br>

I told this bitch I'm a Mac/Mack not a P.C. (haha) <br>

I sit niggaz down, don't let 'em stand a chance <br>

Only way you squares ride is a ambulance <br>

Kill 'em while you got a chance in a Bronco <br>

Or it comes back in the end, Benny Blanco, yes <br>





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