Fabolous - Never Duplicated lyrics

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Uhyes I am often imitated

But I am never duplicatedyeah

Yes I am often imitated

But I am never duplicated

[verse 1]

I can't deny ityou's a dick rider

You can never flow like meblow like me

Why would a bitch like ya?

She can see that I'm a fuckin rideryou a hitch hiker

I'm walkin in some shoesthey can't make fit ya

Got millions of paper that you can't take with ya

I don't wanna talk and I can't take pictures

Listen to your demoI'll handshake with ya

Excuse youwho's you?

If I need a stunt double I'll use you

Pardon y'allI don't wanna step on y'all toes

Seperate the authentic from the replica flows

And the kid be places you could never be at

So that can never be thisand this can never be that

These niggaz got some audacity

Sell some records as fast as me

Or sell some tickets out as fast as me


[chorus (x2)]

Yes I am often imitated (yes he is often imitated)

But I am never duplicated (but he is never duplicated)

So all that y'all can do is hate it

[verse 2]

None of these wannabes really come close

I feel like I'm watchin the mtv show christina milian hosts

Everybody know this brother got it

Way before everybody and their mother got it

They still wonder how he sound like he do

If I was youI'd wanna sound like me too

'cause I got m'sthey got g's and they all right

But they not me

They hear how I spit it on a station

Now they wanna put me on they singles just to get an imitation

NoI can't make an appearance

Give you a cheap fee or break on a clearance

I'm what your label hoped it could be

That's why they trying to mould your little assinto a sculpture of me

With the ladies it'll be like leadershe like real

Y'all trying to be like me and be like ill

[chorus (x2)]

So all that y'all can do is hate it

[verse 3]

I'm real

It's the way I talkthe way I walk

It ain't my fault

I won't let nothin' on two legs stop me

'cause the real is always better than the bootleg copy

Like I ain't show 'em the white and yellows at the same time

Throw backs and pin wheels at the same time

Like I'm scared to drop at the same time

I'll show you how to do this young'n

I ain't frontin'

These jordan's ain't comin'

It ain't nothin'

Keep the complaints comin'

Can't hop on my bandwagon

Jump in my blue flames

You should not tryyou are not i

It's the dude with the grammy grin

It's no relation if it ain't a street family kin

So won't the real fabolous please stand up

Please stand up

Please stand up

[chorus (x2)]

So all that y'all can do is hate it

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