Fabolous - Long Gone lyrics

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I swear I told you once before

You gon' be sorry

If you ever mess around

With her.

Fabolous (You'll be long gone)

There's gon' be flower bringin'

And choirs singin'

Somebody's momma cryin'

(You'll be long gone)

Bust a nigga out

Cause we don't mess around

I'll make sure that you are long gone.

I've got to finance to crush em

5 grand to hush em

Niggas talkin shit

It's my chance to hush em

My fans could bust em

My man could rush em

Imagine if I woulda used my hands

To crush em.

Who wouldn't, I.

If you run with a guy

That's like suicide

You wanted to die

If you done it like I

It's 200 to buy.

Yeah I'm big with the biggest

Do it big in the city


I show niggas no pitty

Just figure they're dritty

Send sack with a 40

Maybe leave with a 50

They'll be gunnin & buckin

You'll be runnin & duckin

I hope that none of em get ya

It's like dope when it hits ya

With this scope I'm a split ya

Assign the pope to be witcha

Stilla need the doctors to open

And stitch ya.

I got a swag

Like the hustlers from harlem had

I'm blowin on a drag

Like marley had

The Bitches that are bad

Be barbie bad

Not to exag

But they brains like a harvard grad

You can't rob em

Unless you want a carbon mag

It's not a problem

Puttin you in a garbage bag

Try to bob em just like

Can't mob em

Unless it's for a autograph

I oughtta laugh like hahahahaha

I'm in the jay z edition ottimah haha

New blue ganky

Red monkey jeans just shipped from Hong Kong.

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