Fabolous - Leaving You lyrics

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Leave you, I never mean to [x4]

[Verse 1:]

I guess making sure that you good was my bad

I kinda thought you had the same feelings I had

And you helped sell it like a fly ad

But you was mackin at the house, Ipad

Not mad, but there's a few disappointments

Let's just say that I canceled all the few appointments

I blew paper with you, not a joint bitch

I say bitch when I'm tryna make a point bitch

Other times I call it how I see it

I won't give you the title if you don't know how to be it

Which proves, I love it when the shits smooth

But show yo ass to yo nikka that's a bitch move

I'm a ride but what are you about yo

You gon pull a Trey and say let me out though

Never saw it coming, what a cheap shot

Your strongest enemies the one who know ya weak spot


Leave you, I never mean to [x4]

[Verse 2: Fabolous]

I kinda wonder if I cross ya mind

Maybe you my ex cause you crossed the line

Maybe you just never saw the crossing signs

Cause when the hands up means don't walk

We don't talk

And somewhere there's a disconnection

You take it the wrong way so much misdirection

Baby what it is, tell me what it does

This is what it is, fuck what it was

But it was good while it lasted

But when it's dead let it go, put it in a casket

And don't dig it back up

Got my swagga back up

I pick up to call you then I hang it back up

Yeah, and I'm a get back to 'em

To know a backstabber, you gotta turn ya back to 'em

Well maybe it's just me and I'm going crazy

But let me ask you this

Where you going baby?


Leave you, I never mean to [x6]

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