Fabolous - Last Time (Gotta Go) lyrics

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This is the last time

I know I'm about to drive you crazy,

Last time

But I gotta see my baby

I know I swore that I'll never break your heart no more

Try to walk

But I just can't leave her alone girl

She keep calling me, calling me

I try to leave her alone but

She keep calling me, calling me

And I gotta go

Damn here we go again

I just came back, girl don't make me go again

She say you been in the streets

You was with that hoe again

Money wrapped in rubber bands

Whatchu selling blow again

I see that you holding down

But you call that hoe your friend

You ain't 'pose to bring her home

Whatchu doing show her that

I was like show her that, never that

Oh no anybody in the streets know that's a no no

So no, I will never ever ever ever

Maybe I'm a g, yeah that's right the 7th letter

See one thing about the streets

I know where that heffer at

And I bet she always be exactly where I left her hat

But you know we had a bun

No ring no paper and I don't hear that shit when I'm bringing home paper

Hi honey I'm home

She looked at me and said it's 5 some in the mon

You smell like you been drinking, the vibe from you is strong

I said baby that's cologne she said nigga that's patron

If you wanna keep with them bad habits, that's fine

You think I'm with it then you out your rabbit ass mind

They say Trix are for kids, most chicks with a Sid

But who ain't miss a visit through the 6 that you did

I'll be down if I do another 6 with some kids who only see they daddy in them flicks on the fidge

Them niggas that you thinking are in a mix with cha shit

They the same reason Michael Vick doing biz

I say hold up I met cha when I was thugging back then

And you was riding with me holding on a mac 10

But that was back then you ain't give whattt?

Now you standing here telling me to give a hug

Hold on baby please,

You can't leave now no john baby please

We gonna get you to the hospital as quickly as possible

Life is full of obstacles

We gonna get you through this one

You look at me in the eye when you told me you was done

But I played a full fool but I guess I was the foolish one

Remember when she told she know that she know hottest dream is late night

Phone calls from one of my close friends

Telling you that we are rushing to the E-R

By this time the mall we was supposed to be in D-R

Me blowing a cigar you sip in atini

I told to pack a bag and don't forgot a bikini

Then just like a weenie it all disappear

Thus skip the paradise, then live like this a swear

Sorry baby girl

I tried the best I could

If I can't be in the streets, I guess heaven is just as good

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