Fabolous - Kingdom Come Freestyle lyrics

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[Intro: Fabolous]

Now I Dont Kno What Life Whould B In H.I.P- H.O.P Wit Out The Boy F.A.B

Not Only N.Y.C Im Hip-Hop's Flava Fuck! Out Ma Way Plz Do Me That Favor

[Verse 1:]

Now Every Whurr I Go They Like Los Is That.. Young Nigga Doin

Bigga Shit Then Mos U Cats Iif I Aint The Flyest Doin It Then Im Close 2 That

Wat It Look Like Baby Get A Close Of The Dat A Gangsta Who Hangs

Young Like A Sosa Cat N Despite Dat The Tost A Baddat "Bdaat"

Cuz Im So In Tune Wit Goin Goons Ya Chance A Tryin Me Is Like Snow In June

I Done Took Niggas Shots Wit Out Showin Woons

Im Like Wolvereen Wit A Pocket Full Of Green -N- I Glow In Roooms

My Flow's Been Groomed I See The Bigger Picture Like I Go In Zoom "Wooh"

I Mean The Wings On The Chain Needs Bowen Room Engine's Runnin

But It Aint Goin Vroooom Wen U Fly Why The Hell Would U Drive So Clear The Runway

Cuz Ma Plane Has Arrived...


"I Will Be" I Bring It Back To New York, New York Not Only N.Y.C

Im Hip Hop's Flava Fuc! Out Ma Way Plz Do Me Dat Favor

"When Loso Comes.. U Ready Wen Loso Comes"

"U Ready When Loso Comes ..Uh Huh.. Uh Huh

[Verse 2:]

They Say What It Look Like? When Im Out In The Public

I Party, I Club It ,Ya'll Like, It I Love It , Ya'll See, I Be It

The Return Of The Hustle Hustle

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