Fabolous - I'm A Boss lyrics

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Meek Milly wattup boy?

Loso the boss

Maybach, the family

Stand up nigga looking down on a slouch

I got a thing for putting footprints in the couch

Nigga mad cause his chick in my section

Take it the wrong way, he dead, die-rection

Come through in the AM, y'all thought the morning

I mean thta Aston Martin, see my thoughts are foreign

I fuck with real niggas who like to pop some tags

I dig a chick who 'bout her money, got some ass

So I love Nicki Minaj, I told her I'd admit it

She said "no you fucking don't Fab, you just wanna hit it"

Okay girl you got me, but I'm with it, if you with it

I just wanna hear make them funny voices while we did it

I'm a BOSS (boss)

That mean your man run shit

She got a man, but I'm who her man come get

New management, Hermes done with

She let me score, that's foul, And 1 bitch

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