Fabolous - Hate Me Now Freestyle lyrics

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(feat. Paul Cain)



I'm a motherfuckin' ghetto superstar nigga

Got my nigga Paul Cain with me

Street dreams

I'm what street dreams are made of nigga

Hate me now

Do it now nigga

I'm burnin' like them blue flames nigga

They call me G-H-E-T-T-O-


Lets do this right nigga

What the fuck is up nigga?

These niggas can't even breathe now Cain

[Verse 1: Fabolous]

It won't stop 'till my account is in the billions

And I buy a home on the coast of Miami and the ammounts are in the millions

Fish tanks and flat screens mounted in the ceilings

Sippin' champagne I have trouble pronouncing while i'm chillin'

Felt that you was squealin'

You 'gon die even if Witness Protection put you in the mountains of New Zealand

Cause I hire bountys that be killin'

That play Hide-And-Go Seek and find you after countin' to a million

But a million records later

Theres still some speculators

Man these labels are giving the kid meals and checks like waiters

When I come through you never see my heels be decked in gators

And see Jordans that dropped when you was still a second grader

Spill the Tec on haters

I got a quick jab

But when I squeeze these slugs'll hit you a milla second later

I chill and check the waiter

Dudes play gangsta for a minute but run to the cops squealing seconds later

You still a Lexus trader

My credit so good I drive off in the SC and tell the dealer "Catch ya later"

All I need is one night I don't deal with second daters

Cause the white and gold stones on the grill and neck persuade her nigga

[Paul Cain:]


Yo Fab

We done pulled the Range out

The Benz out

The Caddy truck out

They ain't even see the 12-8 yet

These niggas still hatin'

[Verse 2: Paul Cain]

Ever since I got signed it seems like ya'll been hatin' on the god

We never held a conversation but you claimin' I'm a fraud

Started bringin' weight up while I starve

Gained some cash and the ego now ya perpetrating like ya hard

If you thinkin' you Pac i'm a wait in front of Quad

Have my Kingston bullets through ya face like I'm Bernard

Ya like beef but hate when i'm involved

Cause I don't give ya a chance ta dodge bullets from the 8 when it revolve

Niggas love when you broke but they hate when you get large

Wait for you to slip and try to find a way to get you robbed

Run in ya crib and duck tape you and ya broad

And don't leave prints so jakes never get the case resolved

So I play against the odds

When its all set two niggas with two 40s a peice retaliatin' on ya squad

If you get locked my Haitian'll leave you scarred

Rape you in the yard

With Gem Star blades cut ya face like a collage

While I sip champagne in the Vegas lamatage'

In the suite with two freaks videotapin' a manage'

Ice in the chain a face in the shepard'

Million dollar crib with a cranberry quarter and a 8 in the garage nigga

[Paul Cain:]

Ya'll niggas

Ya'll niggas only seen half

This is just the begining man

See ya'll niggas was hatin' now man

Ya'll niggas gonna be sick to your stomach bending over throwin' up

When ya'll see the shit we got comin'

My album ain't even drop yet man

And ya'll niggas talkin' crazy

Man Paul Cain nigga

The album comin' fourth quarter

Ya'll motherfuckers is under pressure nigga

Desert Storm, SLK we killin' everything movin' nigga


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