Fabolous - Gangsta lyrics

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[Fabolous talking]

Fabolous, yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh, Yeah

Yo, I don't care what y'all do, how y'all do

Where y'all do it, just keep it gangsta

Look at them gangstas

[Verse 1]

Fab's livin' la vida loca

Only nigga in the hood you can come see for either weed or coca

Nark's wanna see me and my team in a chair

They heard about the kid with the high beams in his ear

DEA been lookin' for proof since 9-3

When I came thruogh in the Benz with the roof behind me

Tell them jake's through on bullet proof's and find me

You need extingwishers to go in the booth behind me

Who the fuck wanna beef

My Fendi knits be [3X] so you can't see whats tucked underneath

And I might not even drop

Just take my advance and make a small town in Cleveland pop

"Vivrant Thing" on my hip, that will make you "Breathe and Stop"

Rock ya chain in ya shirt, Your roll (Rollie) with the sleeve on top

You niggas know where my heat stay at

I leave niggas MIA and I ain't talkin where the Heat play at



Y'all know who

Keepin' it Gangsta

We come through

Keepin' it Gangsta

Y'all know how we do

Keepin' it Gangsta

My whole crew

Keepin' it Gangsta

[Verse 2]

Niggas don't think I'm still shavin crack

Cause I pull up in a truck with a system that make the pavement crack

Baugettes have my face and beard covered

And I keep a Leathal Weapon like Mel Gibson and Dan Glover

Now I lose V Money and C Lo

And the cops think me and Muggs is G Money and Nino

I don't hit these honey's with C-Notes

Rather put them on Greyhound, Strap these honey's with kilo's

Type of gangsta every chick wants

I get Nike's from Aster you won't see hit the store for 6 months

Something bout the Beamer [X5]

When I come through it be increasing a skeo's sex drive

Half the click look like they stuck Genisis up

The other half is tryin to wrap they sentances up

Im never gone hate, Half these artists never slum weight

When they call NY, its the only time they touch the 7-1-8


Y'all know who

Keepin' it Gangsta

We come through

Keepin' it Gangsta

Y'all know how we do

Keepin' it Gangsta

My whole crew

Keepin' it Gangsta

[Verse 3]

I lay low on the other side of the globe

Carat's hangin out the side of my lobe

Pull in ya drivers side and unload

They find ya when its time for your ride to be towed

On side of the road

With ya brain on ya passenger side of ya Rove (Rover)

y'all niggas ain't gangstas til' y'all ridin

And Fed's tell ya hit a chick once and she runnin back like Fred Taylor

Im snatchin everything in the PJ's now

Thats why most these niggas is workin' with the DA's now

If I'm in a hoop ride or a buggy coupe 5

Keepin' it Gangsta

If I'm with a hoochie freak or a dime in Gucci sneaks

Keepin' it Gangsta

If I'm probally in the hood or I'm in Hollywood

Keepin' it Gangsta

If I spit 16 on a track or 16 from a gat

Keepin' it Gangsta


Y'all know who

Keepin' it Gangsta

We come through

Keepin' it Gangsta

Y'all know how we do

Keepin' it Gangsta

My whole crew

Keepin' it Gangsta

Another Version



It's g-a-n-g-s-t-a

That's how it be and it's gon' say (Y'all know whoooooooo)

That's how it be when you see me

That's how it be in NYC (Y'all know whoooooooo)

If it's me it's got to be

If it's me it's got to be

G-a-n-g-s-t-a (Y'all know whoooooooo)

[Verse One]

I'm still living la vida loca

Where hoes sell prices on weed or coke-a

For the hustlers, for the customers, trust the buzz

It's have you makin' one of the sounds that Busta does (woo HAH!)

They love me just because

I'm in the gallardo, laughing like Ricky Ricardo (Ha ha ha ha)

With the 4-pounder, pretty gangsta nigga

I'm the co-founder, I know the difference between pimps and hoe-hounders

I can tell when they ain't learn to lean

They gold cups missing stones, turning green

I roll up wrist in chrome, burning green like what's good


[Verse Two]

God was in a good mood, on the day he made me

I'm from the projects, it's the way it made me

And I wouldn't change it for nothing

I stay on point, that's 'cuz I know the danger of stuntin'

But the aim is like I'll be at the ranges or somethin'

It takes a gangsta, to know a gangsta

That's why we look at you like a stranger or somethin'

'Cuz we can tell by the body language you frontin'

And it take a little more than lettin' ya pants sag

Ya sand bag, tryna jump on the band wag

I'll put the red dot on you like a Japan flag

You need some high heels and a handbag


[Verse Three]

I'm in the ten minutes to nine, leanin' on 'em

Like I'm ten minutes behind, fuck a hundred shots

Give me a .40 cal wit' ten in it, I'm fine

Just spray, and shit'll get you ten minute of shine

Keep a friend in it, that's ten cented for mine

Keep the rims in it, that spin in it for mine

Can't see him in it, I been tinted up mine

But you know a nigga look oh so gangsta

Oh no thank ya, I earned my key

My name'll get you fucked up, and burners tee

That's gangsta love, from the heart

Yo I told y'all from the start

And now (y'all know whoooooooo)

Keep it G'd up, I can't slow down, these creep's speed up

Cali bringin' peeps and weed up

I'm coming through with a bunch of girls that'll deep a seed up

(It's a gangsta party)


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