Fabolous - Fuck Em All lyrics

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Fuck 'em all, motherfuck 'em all

(What else?)

You so lame it should be your first name

And I'm so raw, I'm Bolivian cocaine

I'm the next of kin to LoSo or Kane

I'm disrespectful I'm drivin' in both lanes

They pushin' my buttons to fuck with my campaign

They know Jermaine is here to take over the game

Now Arm and Hammer chain or the Konvict chain

The Shakedown chain, I clean it in champaigne (what else?)

Then I take aim and I blocka, blocka

Them heavyweight shots from the choppa, choppa

You could google Cafe, I'm a shotta, shotta

And men'll play play when I rappa, rappa

Since the bubble L-E-X-U-S (yeah)

I been swervin' and servin' the whole U-S (ah)

The Remi' and the Bourbon be burnin' my chest (uh)

S-F we the best, middle finger to the rest

The rap game's big dipper, big skipper

You damn skirtin' the fuck if I beg to differ (right)

One handed quitter when I'm lettin' down the zipper

Quick to kill a nigga if I'm gone off the liquor

It's off the Richter, anybody start the shit

Have you and your partner hit for narcotics in the whip

I'm a beer bottle shit if the products don't fit

I'm a try to get rich from the first to the fifth

Now how you not goin' say my curse is a gift

When the verses is spit I never also purchase shit (shit)

Fuck 'em all, I know fuck 'em all

Fuck they ass up if they fuckin' with the Lord

You get gun butt just remove it from your jaw (shit)

Your brains get stuck just remove it top (right)

Get your weight up 'til your money's at the pub (right)

If you really heard you'd give a fuck about a charge

And put that heat down if you cookin' in the jar

Turn star after dealin' with them all

I said fuck 'em all, motherfuck 'em all

'Cause I shop so much I smell like the fuckin' mall

There so many guns, ain't no where to tuck 'em all

And you might dodge one, let me see you duck 'em all

No way, no how, shit I know that

Almost as much as I know OJ will blow trial

I be in the club, Rose', no smiles

Few pretty chicks like OK can we go now

I must be the nigga ya run in your house

Snatch your little Russie and Diggie

It's nothin' no biggie

And if I have to I do it myself

I'm feelin' like a Puff with no Biggie

Now these joker nigga's O.D.

Pullin' the Heath Ledge'

So I'm a kill a cow, make sure that the beef's dead

Burger ass nigga's I look further past nigga's

And go over the head of Uncle, murder ass nigga's

I said, fuck 'em all, motherfuck 'em all

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