Fabolous - Freestyle lyrics

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How real is that?


[Verse 1: Fabolous]

The games over I'm fed

Hop out the Range Rover with led

Inf on it so I won't aim over ya head

Ya'll niggas that give my name over to feds

I dump slugs in ya pull ya chain over ya head

I could hire trained soldiers instead

Cause I rather flip shit call a dame over for head

Sip gin 'tiil I wake with hang overs in bed


The skinny hard fellow

That brainwashed ghettos

With nickels of crack the size of marshmellows

Cops heard this heard that

I come through where I purchased birds at

Fur this fur that

Let me find out you givin' words to the Dees

I push ya top back like

Going to Guadalupe just to splurge a few gees

Ya'll want birds and hoochies

I want birds and cuties

Guess I'm a lucky guy

All I stay is ducky high

Next day in the Rover tryin' to suck me dry

Throw 20s on me truck me bye

Unless they crack the dash they ain't tryin' to hold me suck

These thighs motherfucker



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