Fabolous - For The Love lyrics

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Would you do it for the love?

Would you do it for the love?

Could have left a long time ago fuck it where I'ma go

a brother back in the house, couldn't let Obama go

do it 'cause you love a nigga have I felt my mama go

those who just follow green, they the first kind to go

being broke and the joke I'm too comical,

7 digits nigga 2 commons hoe,

make your first million don't make it your last

don't come if you ain't ready, don't try to make it too fast

can't learn shit if you never make it the class,

can't just for psycho it should be place in the trash

I started one more money and a stacy dash

I call that close a house in a place to crash

Pull the Hammer like the camera you don't wanna face the flash

'cause you lose one of your sons and there's no replace in that

let the face as you show be the face that you stash

it's more what that came from yall know where I came from

it's all about that boy that call me papi

so I'ma keep making that paper papi

your swears can never stop me, that try it used to play me

two lines so you fuck boys polls that not play me

right from where I left off let's get back to that real shit

that's sip back just chill shit, weed packs that I kill shit

I cheat back by trill shit, sweet that I feel shit

I gave you fall and be a kick ..some real shit

who's fucking with me, I mean Versace bitch

I deep all your hoe you niggas hide your bitch

like the chain raise grandmother gave em

I got a thing for women I like to missbehaving

you know light bad, mike bad

so I'ma check em when I see em, night add,

'cause in this life things come and go like fast

and I'm that one who's favourite using like had

I'm in the having shit turning dreams to average shit

bringing the trophy to the club, dollars maverick shit

nice, I came from first of the month money

to waking up whenever I want money nice

I chase paper I hunt money,

make 50 racks I drink PM and calling lunch money

nice, nigga you stunt money is blunt money

your bull only got a text back with once from me

and I was what the fuck you want from me

haha but I know the the fuck she want from me

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

You ain't gotta front for me I know

I know what you want from me I know

I know we all want the money

only right you're getting to it,

question I come to you if

Is what you do it for the love

Would you do it for the love?

Would you do it for the love?

Would you do it for the love?

No, would you do it for the love?

Would you do it for the love? x 4

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