Fabolous - Family Affair Freestyle lyrics

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Uh yeah

Uh yeah yo

Yo yo

[Verse 1: Fabolous]

I'm on the streets like a gangstas supposed to

Two way and cell on my hip I throw my heats on my ankle roaster

Ride, low on my seat blowin' Dinkin Roasters

When I'm blowin' my heaters point blank and closer

Face show on the streets and it ain't from posters

Sells get low on my heat I got anxious soldiers

Talkin' like you bullet proof

We'll find where you move

Put slugs in ya back to close to ya spine to remove

I'm waitin' for the first one to front

So I can put they family and friends in a limo and the hearse in the front

As much as I take on the first of the month

I wouldn't give a fuck about a 5 Mics or a Verse Of The Month

I see ya with the jake too often

I'll leave you in Miami with a hole in ya head gettin' mistaked for dolphins

Ice, Jacob can custom make ya coffin

Its Ghetto F-A-B-O-L-O-

U-S- hello


He's a monster

This is the Godzilla of rap

He's a monster

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