Fabolous - Fab Freestyle lyrics

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funk flex, volume 4, niggas, c'mon...

Yo, it's gettin' hard to dodge the women, but I'm still pitchin' hard white

balls faster than Roger Clemens

y'all know the kid with the "O"s thats as large as linens, when it comes to

selling trees--I'm as large as Timberland

My lawyer got my charges slimin', he said the only way you going upstate, if

its along with women

Pull out the garage like Gremlins, a rockford fos. system in it, that'll have

the projects tremblin'

yall know nothin' bout lettin' a few sprays go off, yall only reach for your

hip when your 2-way goes off

shots'll fly by your head, your tupee blow off, I aint Crip, I'm just a

blue-grey show-off,

Ghetto Fab, I more than rap for my bucks, keep two nines on me like Warren

Sapp from the Bucs'

The word I'm ballin', be flowin' til my jet shakes, and I keep chicks in my

lap--throwin' me head fakes

Nigga, I walk around with them grands you stackin', and me and Flex dont

roll unless they Andrew Jacksons

It's Brooklyn by me, the crook that I be, y'all even look or eye me, y'all

gettin' hooked to an I.V., mutherfuckers

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