Fabolous - Da Streets Freestyle lyrics

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Uh yeah

I'm back (thats right)

Ghetto Fuckin' Fab niggas

Street Family

Desert Storm

Get it on

[Verse: Fabolous]

I slide through in the name of the streets

In the Range with the feets

With TV screens in the frames of the seats

I'm a pimp that slides into dames that I meet

I rather just slide slugs in the chambers of heat

I'm the reason other rookies in the game couldn't eat

I'm the player Ly put in the game as a cheat

Ya'll just tryin' to slide in the game in my cleats

Ya'll could never be a ghetto superstar like me

Whats the matter you confused?

I ain't flattered or amused

I don't know who put 'em in or what batteries they use

But I got a clip for the slugs fatter than a fuse

The rat tat tatta from the Uz

That tell you

Nobody do it sooner than son

And he walk around with stones that look like the moon and the sun

You know its real when another artist's street teams comin'

Up to me askin' me when Street Dreams comin' nigga

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