Fabolous - Church lyrics

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[Reverend preaching]

Ha ha ha haa

Brothers and sisters we're gathered here today

to listen to a young man that's on fiiya

You sittin in the church wit Reverend Charlie Murphy

and I'ma bring it to ya wit brother F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S


[Fab:] Preach, Brother preach

[Rev.:] Fabolous

[Fab:] Preach Brother preach

[Rev.:] Preach to 'em Brother, Church

[Fab:] Yea, Uh.. uh.. uh.. uh

[Verse 1]

Yo, I preach through my raps

God is watchin me I still reach to my strap

Broads is watchin me they wanna leech to my trap

Tha Jesus Christ on my neck reach to my lap

I teach you to rap in my Sunday School

These bitches get a one day rule

You gotta fuck be Monday, cool?

Or she gotta stroke a stick like the hun play pool

If not you gotta walk like a runway fool

Catch me in the moon shine or the sun ray jewels

If you keep sayin your prayers maybe one day you'll..

..be blessed like me 'til then keep stompin in your Air Force O-N-E-S Nikes

They should make scriptures wit my flows

I'm the young Bishop Don Juan that stripped ya for your hoes

So if I throw a dollar at ya scream Hallelujah

While I grab the neck of my robe and pop a collar to ya


[Reverend preaching]

Now in this world that we live in, there's all kinds of pimps

You got ya playas, ya ballas, ya macs, ya gorrilla

pimps that take what they want

Ya all-star pimps... Pimps that (?)

Pimps wit nothin but the Gators on ya feet (Preach to em brother)

Nice pimps, mean pimps

[Verse 2]

I feel like the angel of God

All I gotta do is drive the Range through and nod

It's like I was put here to put layers in the air

Put squares in my ear, put squares in the chair

Put pairs in the rear

I even put 20 inch footwear in my spare

Lord knows I gotta stay on them spinners

Dis verse is like grace that you say on your dinners

Girls come wit me knowin that they gonna be sinners

But, I'ma sense of relief

And I ain't never been a trick kinda like its against my belief

If she got it from me then I'm convinced she a theif

But they say God giveth and He taketh away

And I can do the same thing when I shake with the 'K

If a nigga make a mistake wit the pay, Goddamit

At the club I get right in

So if heaven got a ghetto I should fit right in

God loves me

[Reverend preaching]

Now just what kind of ho are you?

Are you a tough ho, or a soft ho? (That's right)

Are you a big ho, or a little ho? (Lil' teenie weenie)

A domestic ho, or an international ho?

A rich ho, or a broke ass ho?

[Verse 3]

Yea, me momma got my name from the Baptist who made

tha wrong moves wit the women and died for it

You make the wrong moves when you come and you try for it

New York City of God

I 'den saved some of New York's prettiest broads

I'm spittin the gospel

I hit my apostle's wit the coke that'll heal a sick

soon as it get in they nostrils

A Dros Trios, bring the organs on ya

A 40-Caliber'll turn ya to a organ donor

And a day or two, you'll be a morgue aroma

While I go city to city fillin the pieu's up

I ask God to forgive me while I'm fillin the Uz' up

Demons won't let me see a man fillin my shoes up

I ease 'em wit a sermon, but that ain't hard

When I'm in the Beamer before they released 'em to the Germans

You prolly got the man you love wit you

But wouldn't you rather have the Man above wit you?

Can I get an Amen

[Reverend talking]

Now some of ya'll are pimps, And some of ya'll are hoes

But the rest.. the rest of ya'll.. don't think I don't know

Ya just a hater.. They hate what you got

They put a black eye on on the game whenever they play

They piss in the pool, And they fart on the elevator

Then look you in the face, Like they think you did it

They hate change (They hate change)

And they hate progress

They hate me and they hate you

They hate they own momma

Cuz they think its her fault that they ain't got shit

But I'm here to tell ya today

That if you a hater

Then you are the outter take or your own business (Amen)

And someody just put 25 dollars in the collection plate

So I'ma go up on the corner

And buy me a fish sandwich

Y'all hold it down, I'll be right back

Tha Reverend Charlie Brown

And don't you ever forget

Fabolous, Fabolous, Fabolous, Fabolous

Bitch ass motherfuckers

[fades out]

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