Fabolous - Change You or Change Me lyrics

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You know what?

Everybody goes through some changes in life

Some poeple change for the bettersome poeple change for the worse

But ummsome people need to make that change

You know what I mean? change is good sometimes. you know?

[verse 1]

Why would I change? I ain't never slide down a bad pole

Even though I'm certified over plat's sold

They say I'm different 'cuz I ride in a plat. rolls

But every timewe gotta ride don't this cat roll?

I never snitchand go and hide in a rat hole

And I ain't givin' you nothing besides what this gat hold

No prideI ain't that old

Cut off a fewbut kept a few girls I decide like I'm ? ?

It probably don't seem like a struggle

But I used to dream that this thug'll balance beams just to smuggle

It's funny same girls that didn't seem like they'd love you

Is beggin'for your autographs ands screamin' to hug you

It's crazysame dudes that seem like they thug you

Is prayin' on your downfallschemin' to mug you

And people that didn't give a fuckis dreamin' to bug you

And goin through' extreme's just to plug youwho really changed?


This game ain't change meso don't let it change you

If you've been real with meI'm still real with you

If you got love for meI still got love for you

If you down for methen I'm still down for you

If you don't fuck with methen I don't fuck with you

If you ain't cool with methen I ain't cool with you

If you won't ride with methen I won't ride for you

This game ain't change medon't let it change you

[verse 2]

Why would I change? I didn't step out of superman's phone booth

To remind where I'm fromI look at my own tooth

I'm speakin' the known truth

I ain't been living the samesince I moved under silvia rone's roof

Why would I feel like I'm a stranger?

And why should I feel like I'm in danger?

And I'm grindin' 'till I'm right

Whether it's on the streetsor online tryna climb sites

I ain't blind from the limelite

I had my mind and my rhymes rightand signed when the time's right

People shouldn't be hatefulthey should be grateful

But fuck itI guess I gotta keep my three eight full

I'm playinthe gamelike i'msupposed

Stayinthe samelike i'msupposed

Ghetto fab in da househip hop hustler

One million customersand I still bust at ya


[verse 3]

Why would I change when I get green like the incredible hulk?

I've chilled with the richest people to the ghettoest folks

Known a few ? ? and met a few locs

Made a few commentsand said a few jokes

But it's gettin' me sicksomeone prescribe me some medicine

Before the famethe vibe was way better then

Some have even became rivals instead of friends

Only two become liable for settlements

I grew up watchin the

Now they hate to see a nigga drivin' the better benz

That's why the clubs bedeprivin' to let us in

They know the family bring knives and barettas in

I'm thankful for being allowedfans for being the crowd

How could my head be in the clouds?

It's strangewhat the fame'll do

But you know what? the only one who seen the change from the fame is you


I'm the same nigga man

Same niggathat ridin' with you

Niggas that's fuckin' with you

I'm still fuckin' with you niggas

The same niggathese hoe's ain't like

Now they on my dick right? haha... shit is crazy

Don't let this game change you nigga...

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