Fabolous - Change Up (feat. Akon) lyrics

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[jail bars slam shut]

[Akon] Konvict


We never change over here

Street Fame, Konvict

[Chorus 1: Akon]

If I'm your man, then you're my man

And we ain't gotta worry 'bout where we stand

But you crossed the man, you forced my hand

And changin who I am ain't part of my plan

Cause I will not change up.. change up.. nooooooo

Said I will not change up.. change up.. nooooooo

[Chorus 2: Akon]

Now I don't know if I should hug him or slug him now

And I don't know if I should cap him or dap him now

But I know that it's feelin funny now

Maybe it's cause I'm gettin this money now

You see things ain't the same

I said things ain't the same (nah)

No, things ain't the same (nah)

And I know I ain't changed


Yo, I make the money, but don't let it make me

So even if I go broke nigga you couldn't break me

Watch how long it take me to jump back on my feet

Peep, quick is when the barrels jump back on the heat

Y'all don't wanna see me jump back in the street

So be happy that I rock them slumped back in the seats

Being broke is a joke, I never found it funny

That's why I count my blessings as much as I count my money

[Chorus 1]


Some niggaz change when they get change, funny when they get money

Switch when they get rich, strayed when they got paid

Ha~! But I stresses you to holla

Cause they never made bullet proof vest-es out of dollars

We never change, this is us every day

I call them boys up, they gon' bust every 'K

They ride high like them cust' Chevrolets

Like O-Wax for Kaine, lookin for his cousin killers

I got a dozen peelers for niggaz who doesn't feel us

I changed for a reason but homey it wasn't scrilla

They can't say that nuttin changed but my clothes

Oh, I'm lyin, I do change up my hoes

I pitch game you should see the change-up I throws

And gotta get 'em a ring to get 'em to swing

I'm a team player, if I win then we won

And they gon' put us all in the Hall of Fame when we done

[Chorus 1 + Chorus 2]


Money can't buy happiness but it's a damn good down payment

I don't talk much, feel like I'm around agents

... the game ain't what it used to be

I'm the same but these lames ain't used to me

Them other niggaz, be full of theyselves

Get money and disappear, try to pull a Chappelle

Well - I ain't hidin I'm ridin; I ain't duckin I'm buckin

I ain't hangin I'm bangin; I ain't runnin am turnin

[Chorus 1 + Chorus 2]

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