Fabolous - Black Girl Lost (Freestyle) lyrics

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Hello! Wassup, girl!

Ain't nothin', this nigga in here stressin'

Talkin' that old off da wall back to Africa shit again

What, that God body shit?

Yeah, that dumb shit, I'm tryin' to get up out of here

I hear that, but, yo, you know the spot is pumpin' tonight

Word, fo' real, where?

You know, where the real niggas is poppin' the Cristal

Not that White Star

Ha ha, word, where the real niggas at?

(Verse: over Nas - Black Girl Lost instrumentals)

Yo, they just want a nigga to lose, Mayweather PacMan

Government don't play fair, they'd rather backhand

Cops killin' us left and right, pray for the black man

I'm tryin' to get that Creflo Dolla, faithfully stack bands

And listen, I refuse to let 'em jack the O.G

Yeah, you's a nigga like a black emoji

I got the LTE flows, ya niggas still a 4G

I'm Nino Brown on a roof and ya got to go, g

Am I my brother's keeper?

My brother keep a (**pow**) on the hip, not a beeper, he the reaper

Black hoodie on, turn ya to a hard sleeper

Turn yo peoples into weepers, yo chick a leaper

Jumped on yo boy and gave it to me fo' cheaper

Probably cuz ya shallow and my pockets is deeper

I just want it on a late night, he could keep her

Pick her up in the Wrangler, jeepers creepers

Scary movie, she be running, but she keep falling

Now she balling, she luv it that my seats' Spalding

That's ball leather, it gets cooler like fall weather

We meet up at the Four Seasons, that's all weather

The sad part: he don't even know he lost her

He don't drink, but she do say he double-crossed her

Ya probably won't get that till ya look at the bottle

There's a message in it, baby, just look in the bottom

Shorty, don't lose yoself tryna look like these models

Cuz it's way more to life than bookings and bottles

Looking fo' follows, hook up fo' swallow

Some nigga with a big cheque, yeah, ya looking fo' lotto

Owe ya dolla and a dream, bitches Powerball bitches

Win 4Life, Mega Millions, pick four bitches

Looking fo' a nigga that six four bitches

Setting thirst traps, got to click more pictures

That's a lick fo' bitches, ride the dick, raw bitches

Have a baby by the nigga, make him trick more riches

Damn, she just want to play with them boss toys

Lex' coupes, the Beamers and the Benz, Lost Boys

Think they got a good one, lock her down and wife her

Found out she a scared bitter, not a lifer

Couple rappers in her circle, pussy in a cypher

Fucked the boss and the shooter, she Michelle Pfeiffer

Scarface shit, caption like 'I only fuck with bosses'

'The biggest ones, #TheRickRosses

Yeah, ya with the winning team, but ya taking losses

Shout out to the college girls out here taking courses

Just becuz they in school, but neva get no credit

We follow hoes that don't know where they headed

But I ain't preaching, I ain't trying minister nothing

But fuck a bag, ya betta get a business or something

Ya betta stack this and flip instead of spinning some stunting

Befo' yo dope boy boo catch a sentence or sumething

Cuz I, I remember how that girl flossed

Now look at her, that girl lost

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