Fabolous - B.K. Style lyrics

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Yea, Its bout to get real hard for these niggas to move man

Somebody get these niggas some wheelchairs or somethin

Goin to war is still a scary issue

But in my hood they train to kill wit every pistol

Like they military issue

Guess you a star if you sell a million every disc two

Catch a gun case and bounce and still they'll barely frisk you

Cuz, I proved I move the retail

Make the smoothest grooves wit female

And I remove the rules on V12's

You aint never seen it move this smooth on sprewell's

I'm a hustler, you just a middle man to me

The way I pass the rock could make Jason Kidd a fan of me

Just cop one joint, I'm a one point somethin

Still I'll have you at gunpoint, with one joint dumpin

So watch what you say to them crackers

Ill put a couple G's on yer head like you play for the Packers

I'm rap's Labron James, I quickly see baskets

These scrubs wouldn't make it to the Mickey-D's classics

You got some sticky weed? Pass it

If not put it out, im pushin it before they put it out

Wit the dash, wooded out, Shaq O'Neal footed out

Blastin a (?) get it first, before they put it out, Clue!

Yea, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

Maybe wouldn't be a million kids wit they faces on containers

If cops pursue the same way they chase us entertainers

In the hood, a few big faces and a chain a-

Get metal in ya mouth like braces and retainers

Even the young bucks be scheming on somebody change

Tryin a sell somebody 'cain, before they even potty trained

You can smooth talk your way into a hottie brain

Have her suckin long enough to leave a nigga body drained

I wasn't taught, I learned from watchin stupid people

That'll run up shootin, in front of a group of people

I lay in a cut, the same way the troopers peep you

Ride up on yer coupe and creep you while you let a groupie deep you

Cuz even if you reppin like a man of skill

You gon' still need a weapon when you layin a deal

One for watch you slippin like you steppin banana pills

Think a nigga ain't gon' pull a weapon cuz you scanned a mil? (what)

I crept in and got handed meals

Now the white and black rides look like salt and pepper on the bannon grill

Think I wouldn't hold a Pepsi in my hand for mils?

You must be fuckin stupid, nigga

[Ad-Lib til end]

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