Fabolous - Been Around The World Remix (Freestyle) lyrics

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World famous DJ Clue, desert storm

The kid Losso, welcome to Friday night freestyles baby

We turnin’ on for the streets

This that hall fame flow baby


Stop playin’, let’s go

Yeah kid, mubbin’ with the Gods

Aha, aha, we like it, aha, aha

Yeah kid murbin’ with the God

You don’t want no problem with the Gods

Look I talk it cuz I live it

Stand on my own pivon

I don’t need your credit anf you ain’t goitta to give it

All I do is fill up banks, aunt Vivid

Drink bel air Champaign in club Livid

I come from the era when you really had to live it

Couldn’t say you bentlay and really on Honda Civic

Everything you said, paint a picture, so vivid

So when I talk clip it, is when I know that I can Doc rive

Big man pace yourself like Roy Hibbet

You feel froggy than leap, stop all the ribbits

I pop and bet your crib with pass lookin’ like exhibit

Bots braves, I need more, I mean dogs

That type you murder also a damn shit

Put it work hell now, on some furg shit

My homie said nigga just try to way surfy

Try to jump above the way you get birth

All these nigga wait me, want me to waive curfe

Talkin’ like their shooters, when they wouldn’t spray perfume

They know who the hell I’m be, I’m LIT

I pass on the French like “C’est la vie”

Jule LIV, stay of the LIA

2 chains made a single know LII

I mean, I don’t care what you boyfriend sais

You better come and earn it like her man doesn’t

Or you gonna hit it back like her man sais

Even hangin’ on her humour witch is sure man dress

I hit surely like I hit that bouquet

A man hit me back like you need some Hoo cake

I text ‘em right back like you heard that new drake

You know that if you readin’ this is too late

You ain’t a friend of me, it ain’t like you ain’t heard

Son a fly Kennedy, ride in the six

Got a lot of enemies

A lot of people try to drame me off the energy

I know how will be, you know me from grave on

Use to call me sput, now there’s results

Both in sea parts, fallin’ this boards

Stamps and beat ball, bet you bitches in ________(?)

Mammy got a head that will stop and hit board

Throw game, had me stuck, call the deep boy

Watch where you kick it, you parkin’ on wrong spot

You know you get a ticket, all of that thought part

And now the shit is crick it, be on a lot of places

That these niggas can’t face it

They think your man missin’ now

I’ve been around

I’ve been around the world nigga

[I’ve been around

I’ve been around your girl too ] x 2

I’ve been around

I’ve been around the world

I’ve been around

I’ve been around your girl

I’ve been around

I’ve been around the world

I’ve been around

I’ve been around your girl

Now let me catch you in the wrong spot nigga

Boys ain’t gonna give you a ticket

Try to take away from a nigga

We ain’t done yet

Y’all nigga gettin’ on real

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