Fabolous - Beauty feat. Wale lyrics

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Beauty's when you just got out the shower,

hair still dripping wrapped up in a towel,

beauty's when you're ready in a hour,

them long legs, I call them the twin towers

you put that arch in it, put your hand on your hip,

put your hand up on and you handle the shit

beauty's when a..compliment stash,

you know your booty look good with your confident ass shit

straight up but the rest of world,

you know is beauty when the smile it's the best curve

that's real beauty, no make up shit,

the girl you dream about and wanna wake up with

waiting time, looking at it and throw that a me

going out on me, then you look about me,

oh man, that shit right there,

probably get your next nightmare.


Beauty is knowing nobody real as you,

truly condolences for that bad shoes,

killing the scene, this type of loving make you complete

now roll the weed and get the munchies she be the cuisine

I'm in the jeans and stealing tune with the inner being

her inner thought, her worst fear she give to me

beauty is loyalty to the fullest, 'cause cupid made me a target for she had received a bullet

for she had get super diva, speed up before I pull out the and sex is a weapon

but beauty don't need a bullet,

beauty is beauty that her mother have her

may you be be got about God, me and grandma as angels

'cause God give her, never complicated,

a lot of niggas talking, I don't got the heart to say it

how to tell you I see potential in how you do it

I pray you know you're worth but niggas don't know it's your beauty, truly.

I mean it's beauty in everything, you know?

you just gotta recognize it

shout out to the people who do,

and I feel sorry for the people who don't.

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Wednesday 13th of March 2013 18:38
amazing song i love it. i love you boo. thank you for everything that you have done.