Fabolous - Baby lyrics

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Baby ft. Mike Shorey

by Fabolous


Fab: 5X

Can you be my B-A-B-Y?

M.S. : I'll never call another lover mine

[Verse 1: Fabolous]

And why would I, and why should I

when I seen a lady tonight, with my good eye that I would try and make


I was up in the club putting my hood high

When I saw you, and I stood by

Just lookin at your onion girl I could cry, and I could lie

I mean I could try and say you ain't sweep me off my feet

But only one thing could keep me off the street

and that's if you be my, B-A-B-Y

I can be why you always be fly

And I'm from B-Sty, just like B.IG. was, that's how F-A-B does

We can sip something 'til we both be buzzed

In a V-dub and that's only be-cause

[Chorus: Mike Shorey]

Need someone to be my (baby)

Kind of girl you find in the club rockin those (baby) Phat jeans

Gonna find someone to be my (baby)

..I see some ladies tonight that should be having my (baby, baby)

[Verse 2: Fab]

After the baby talk, the goo goo ga ga

You like this, that, you do bla bla

Couple good jokes, a few brouhaha's, it's time to do you mama

First I'ma put you on your back

And make you scream out (baby)..just like I put you on the track

Then I'ma lay you on your side

And slowly stroke you while you telling me the way you feel inside

But my sex drive won't make me play you on the side

You know you get the keys any day you wanna ride

And my baby know how to start me up

You got the kind of kiss that'll speed a heartbeat up

And you got the kind of touch that'll gimme the chills

I ask you cuz I know you gonna gimme it real

It won't be fake, and don't we make a good couple

And won't we make a good(baby)?

[Bridge: Mike Shorey]

Ooh, if I seem just a bit taken, pardon me

But you're so amazing

I just want us to do this exclusively

Say you'll be my baby

[Verse 3: Fab]

My baby's the only one I bring to the villa

that can get the bling and the scrilla

Girl, I know you smooth enough to spring a chinchilla

and still take a sting of Tequila, the way you swing is a thriller

I'm watchin that like the boxing match in the ring of Manila

I wanna keep it comin like the singles of “Thriller”

I mean if you still uh..my B-A-B-Y


[Intro: 'til end]

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