Fabolous - Aint Nuthin Ta Fuck Wit (Freestyle) lyrics

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Two things fam, I aint nuthin ta fuck wit

My crew aint playin’ and we aint for the fuck shit

I'm ridin' with whoever that I hop out the truck with

Sliding with the sticks, on some slappin' the puck shit

No hockey, just riders no jockey

Chinese food, less beef more broccoli

More fortune cookies says stay humble, flow cocky

Call the jeweler ASAP, time to go Rocky

My chain glissin', bout enough to change vision

Shawty see I'm everything that these lames isn't

Told you I could take yo bitch, you ain't listen

I heard the friend zone feel like you in Dane Prison

Fly lil joy, her weed just hang different

Bought her at Malaysia, she wa' plain missin'

I put her in the fast lane, no more lane switchin'

Told 'er keep curvin' 'em niggas, no chain pictures

Bitch riders, comin' in the game dissin'

Fame fishin', tryna get a name mission

My team gon' rush you niggas, you came blissin'

My boy got the Ak wid 'im, he came swissed

I bang vixens, main chicks and game pixen

Hit 'em and fall back on 'em, game sixen

Keep the broke bitches away, we ain't fixin'

You chasin', baby, I'm straight, ain't missin'

Dude said straight up cuz dude said paid up

It's go time, rugs, fuck who say wait up

You and ATL then my crew made stayed up

Like TI flick, handle BI quick

All my niggas bring 'em home, all BI chicks

All you niggas talk to the F-BI quick

Rats, sprinter full of splinters

I was gettin' paper like a printer through the winter

Weather break I might get the binner the aviner

No more aventions of a sinner

Big nigga ballin', big figures callin'

She hooked on me, she a big-dick-aholic

Tryna stay above water, that's just some duck shit

Tryna stash 100 mill, keep it a buck shit

We still winnin', baby, this ain't no luck shit

Rest of these niggas "aint nuthin ta fuck wit"

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