Fabolous - A Toast To The Good Life lyrics

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A toast to Mr Tagalouchie and zipping open louis duffle bags of louchie,

Bragging loosely about bagging hoochies,

No logos on the clothes but the tags say gucci,

And everybody raise your glasses

The beautiful tits and amazing asses

Bring cigar cutters and a tray for ashes,

To money burials, hideaways and stashes

Thanks to DA's getting slick, they used bad tape, the charge didn't stick,

The lawyers, ebay seller, life's a bitch and I probably could've had her,

Here's to no witnesses, playing dumb like I don't know what this is,

I'm forgetful that's why I keep my sh-t full,

Alarm with alarm systems and pitbulls,

Good food still need seasoning,

Gangster POV that's how he see's things,

It's talked about with good reasoning,

Over good steaks and sweet measling

Beef is just an entre put stacks on a boy like his name is andre,

All the shootouts and the killings, sympathy for the bad guys

Rooting for the villains,

I put my money up, looters in the ceiling,

And two baby 9's that look cuter than some children

Cheers, blood sweat and tears,

No room for emotions and fears,

It's the way nothing more to say,

I make the call we can go to war today,

This is loso's way, follow me into loso's way

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