Exit-13 - Diet For A New America

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[Music: O'Donnell, Lyrics: Yurkiewicz]

There is a fantastic book which I adamantly recommend

and after reading it you'll never be able to eat the same way again!

This book details the horrors of meat production at its "best"

and casts a glaring light on many problems interconnectedness

The flesh production industries

all operate insidiously

Chemically ridden fat is glamorized

while torture and slaughter are disguised

Epidemics of heart disease, cancer and obesity

Storing up unwittingly dioxin and DDT...


You'll be profoundly horrified as you realize the indoctrination

implemented by industry upon the people of this nation

irreversible chemical pollution and excesive resource waste

have given animal based products a positivly unpalable taste!

I'd like to thank John Robbins for composing such an important tome

This environmental dietary bible should be the keystone of every home

The information contained in these pages will certainly make you realize

That for the preservation of life on earth everyone must change their lives!

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