Everything But The Girl

Everything But The Girl - Mine lyrics

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Blown in the winds of mischance

He would stay but that's not his way

What escape for her, she swims in the dark

In too deep but still waves -

"I'm okay and I don't need his name, thank you

Mine fits me nicely, mine will do" (yeah, mine will do)

Unsteady footsteps couldn't walk alone yet

He sends a postcard, he says he's in debts

Now she's treading water got a back room to let

Curses in the backyard, neighbours on the doorstep

"You must give your child a name some time"

"Well you mean his, and what's wrong with mine?"

(yeah, what's wrong with mine)

Sometimes she could kill him

And sometimes this house gets too small

She drives him to distraction

To see if he will fall

But if the truth were told

Which it never is

With a family like that

Who needs enemies

She'd be better on her own

You sink her like a stone

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