Everything But The Girl

Everything But The Girl - Heaven Help Me lyrics

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What I get from you I sometimes steal

When I let belief invade what I should feel

Still I do believe that men are fools

And you don't always escape that rule

But this time there will be no fight

For this time you are in the right

And even I can see

So heaven help me

I only want a room to call my own

And a bright shiny hearth to call my home

But when you give me love I don't deserve

I wonder how I have the nerve

To number you amongst the ones

That I call every name under the sun

Unjust I must be

So heaven help me

And all the things I yearn to possess

When they fall into my hands I could not want them less

And are you supposed to smile and say it didn't matter anyway

And if you are a fool you'd be

To shrug off all this cruelty

If goodness is wrong in heaven you will never belong

And I'll never fall on my knees and say heaven help me please

Heaven help me please <2>

Heaven help me

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