Everything But The Girl

Everything But The Girl - Frozen River lyrics

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I've never been skating on a frozen river

Joni and Jane make it sound so cool

Sometimes I can get so down it seems

Nothing much is gonna turn me around

They could freeze the brook outside my home

But it's only small, not like the Hudson

Where I'd be clean away, the only one

Down through winter trees, on a smooth run on a frozen river

But look at me now I'm getting to you

And all afternoon you have been so bright

"No use turning good into bad"

At times like this you are always right

And the snowdrops are through, I never knew

And my oldest jokes still have you reeling

I'll put the troubles I find to the back of my mind

Sometimes my love has the craziest feeling like a frozen river

Half the world will sleep alone tonight

Friends of mine as well

Half the world are on their own tonight

Friends of mine as well

There's a river below this bright night sky

So full of stars, it's the best for ages

Where I stand in the lane, having shut off the car

Just hearing your wonder like a frozen river

You're like a frozen river

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