Everything But The Girl

Everything But The Girl - Don't Let the Teardrops Rust Your Shining... lyrics

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Sorrow is a lonely road

Where the rain like your tears

Beats heavy on the roof above your head

Tomorrow is a lovers' town

That's been beaten down

And the hands of winter holds the life we've led

Instead of drowning in despair

For I find small comfort in a bottle

When we're apart

Don't let the teardrops rust your shining heart

I used to drive all night for you

While the children were asleep

And as the dawn broke on your room

Back into my house I'd creep

Where my husband slept alone

Of course he must have known

But we always hide the truth

For fear of losing what we own

So don't forget the words that we choose

And constantly misuse

They were written down every time we were apart

Don't let your teardrops rust your shining heart

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