Video premiere: Evanescence debuted 'My Heart Is Broken' clip based on real-life

Video premiere: Evanescence debuted 'My Heart Is Broken' clip based on real-lifeAfter teasing the clip almost two weeks ago, on January 11th Evanescence has premiered on Tuesday, January 24th the full video in support of the single "My Heart Is Broken" which is included on their latest studio album Evanescence.

The song itself was written by the frontwoman Amy Lee, and is based on a true story of real-life situation, ongoing sex trafficking. "A lot of times when I write, I just sort of make up words, and something will stick, and I'll be like, 'Oh, that's from my subconscious. That's what I need to write the song about.' And that sort of happened halfway through. I was like, 'I think I'm writing about this thing, it's on my heart,' just imagining being in such a trapped place and how that might feel, so the song was actually inspired by that idea," Amy declared to MTV News.

Therefor, the clip took dreamlike inspiration from the 1988 British horror movie Paperhouse. "We're playing with fiber optics, and so it's basically like I'm drawing the world around me from nothingness, and when I draw things with my hands, it's like they actually come to life," she also explained to MTV. "So it's a lot of fun with creating this surreal dream world, and the guys' performance is sort of like the dream within the dream, in an abyss of darkness; it's very cool."

Watch below the video premiere of Evanescence's official video "My Heart Is Broken".

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