Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson - Same Mistakes

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Closing in on December

And it’s hard to remember

All our plans got dismembered

But we ended up right here

Lost track of the timing

Looking for silver lining

Getting old and un-winding

But it’s still not very clear

So it’s true that we build up our

Lives around safety routines

So what’s new

At the end of the day

We’re well-oiled machines


Deceive me so sweetly

I need the innocent ones to revolt

Pull the wool from my eyes

Cause it takes the change

I never make

I don’t want to make do

With same mistakes

Picture spending the evening

In the middle of Cleveland

Say goodnight to what we’ve been

In Eastern Standard Time

Head South through the Mid-West

Gas stops and the big rest

Is it in your best interest

To break the ties that bind

So it goes that we never live up

To the goals that we set

So we know that the more we get done

Well the harder it gets


So as gray as the clouds get

I take comfort in knowing

They’re not turning black.

We get only get so far

Until eventually

We’re just turning back


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