Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson - It Hasn't Been Long Enough

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Long as I am erasing this there's something i am bound to miss opportunities exist but often don't arise and think of how it must have felt to watch you walk away and melt i keep it all inside myself and in between my eyes and it's no surprise what we've become since the arrival has begun CHORUS it hasn't been long enough to even begin to think it's alright i'm only concerned with the way we end up i think i've been wrong enough to know when i'm right so put up fight if you must but we know that our trust is undone it hasn't been long enough i feel as if i spoke too soon and ruined the whole afternoon a feeling that we're more than doomed is creeping up inside and good as it was bound to be there's something about you and me it's negative in chemistry which makes it hard to hide and it's no surprise when lights are falling it's bound to reawake some primal calling CHORUS what's making you believe that the seventh time around is gonna be different you know i'm not convinced long as the knot was tied problems always were around and I'm not any different so i won't listen

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