Enrique Iglesias

Occupation: Musician
Date of Birth: May 8, 1975
Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain
Marital Status: Single

Born May 8, 1975 in Madrid, Spain, Enrique Iglesias has followed in his father's large footsteps with even larger footsteps of his own. The hot singer that just released his first English language album has had a long history in the music industry and already is the best selling Latin recording artist in the world, though Ricky Martin may claim the same distinction. Enrique released his first album in 1995 although secretly had been planning the release since the age of 16. Although he was the son of a famous musician, Enrique and Julio are not very close, as during his childhood his father was mostly away from home busy with his own music career. His mother also was distant as well, being a Madrid journalist. Enrique counted on the guidance of his nanny, Elvira Olivares, during his childhood in Miami. He moved from Spain to Miami when he was only 7, mostly because of terrorism threats in his home country, where his grandfather had been kidnapped just prior. Before you think Enrique used his father to gain acceptance as a musician, think again, as he kept his musical aspirations a secret, saying "I never wanted to tell my parents. It felt funny.

I respected it so much, and I wanted it so much. Like, if you're eating dinner with your parents and you tell them, "Dad, I want to be a pilot," he's like, "Shut up and keep on eating." I never wanted to hear that."

His first album was a huge success and to date has sold over 6 million copies and his second album, Vivir, has also sold multi-millions. Enrique's talent stretches across several languages, having recorded in Italian, Portugese, English, and his native Spanish. He recently told MTV "Yeah. I just have the best of both worlds. I can do English and I can do Spanish. What I used to do in Spanish was mainstream, mainstream pop music. That's what I wanted to do in English. When I was doing this album, that's what I wanted to create: a mainstream pop album. Because that was mainly my influence growing up, as a little kid. That kind of music." But don't label Enrique a crossover artist, as he says "Everyone is talking about this whole Latino movement and this "crossover." I hate that word, "crossover." I don't know if it's because it puts too much pressure... not really, in a way, but I just don't like that word." Before the dreaded crossover, Enrique enjoyed his greatest success as in 1996 Enrique won a Grammy for Best Latin Performer, and in 1997 Billboard awarded him Album of the Year. He did recently get awarded as the Favorite Latino Artist at the Sixth Annual Blockbuster Awards as well.

Enrique's career is not without controversy though, as in 1999 two executives from his label Fonovisa, pleaded not guilty in Los Angeles to charges related to illegally paying radio stations to play songs by their artists, which included Enrique. It also is known that Enrique and Ricky Martin are very competitive rivals, much in the same way as Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek are on the big screen. In fact, Enrique was recently dumped by model Adriana Beiga supposedly in favor of Martin. Although Adriana says in a recent interview that she is seeing neither since both do not have time for relationships because of
the workload involved in their careers. It also was reported that Enrique's longtime lover Sofia Vergara also ended her relationship with him. Most recently he was seen grinding on the dance floor with Christina Aguilera after their performance in VH1's Men Strike Back.

It is interesting to note though that Enrique has claimed to many to be a
virgin, though interviews with Beiga and Vergara seem to dispute that. If it is the case, likely it is due to the messy divorce between his parents when Enrique was growing up. That being said, don't feel too bad for Enrique, as he is one of the most desired men on the planet, even being awarded People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People distinction in 1998. He reponded to MTV's questioning about women on Miami chasing him all the time by saying "That's a good side of my job." His video, Be With You, features a kissing scene with hot young actress Shannon Elizabeth, although its unclear what if any the two's relations are off the camera (it should be noted though that Shannon is engaged and says the two are only friends).

April 7, 2003 - British army soldiers interviewed on Sky News have chosen Enrique Iglesias' 'Hero' as their war theme, leading Popbitch.com to ask, "How gay is the British army?" April 7, 2003 - Us Weekly reports Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias recently were invited by Jon Bon Jovi to hang out backstage at their Fort Lauderdale, Florida concert. "They didn't leave each other's side for a minute," a source revealed. Iglesias even "got Anna anything she wanted. It's obvious he cares a lot for her."

April 5, 2003 - E! Online's Ted Casablanca reports Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias were spotted dining together at Avenue in the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto. Enrique sported a dark blue dress shirt and silver jewelry, while Anna was "her usual va-va-voom self". A bodyguard hung out nearby while Enrique entertained Anna with an animated story, as she happily hung on every word. March 22, 2003 - Anonymous writes "Enrique Iglesias was at the Nasdaq-100 tennis tournament in Key Biscayne, Florida on Thursday night watching rumored on again off again girlfriend Anna Kournikova play. He was sitting in her VIP box and was swamped by girls taking photos with him and getting autographs. Anna lost the match but has she won Enrique's heart again? picture of February 22, 2003 - Star magazine named Enrique Iglesias #9 on their most eligible bachelor list. Their ficticious singles ad for the Latin singer said, "Fun in the Sun, SLM, 27, brown/brown. Do you like dancing to the Rhythm Devine? The hot, tropical sun of Miami? Water sports, like boating and windsurfing? Then this 6-foot1 romantic could be more than a One Night Stand. I come from a line of Latin lovers, but I'm a bit shy, so I'd like you to break the ice. And if you look like my sometimes date, tennis beauty Anna Kournikova, that's even better! Join me in my bedroom, where I like to write sensual songs, and I'm Your Man."

January 24, 2003 - The Sun reports Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias have split up after a series of fights. The tensions started at the MTV Europe awards in Barcelona, which led to a series of jealous arguments and their eventual separation. "They always had a volatile relationship," a source revealed.

January 24, 2003 - Globe magazine quotes Enrique Iglesias talking about his bitter relationship with his famous father Julio. Enrique says he's only spoken to his father twice in the past seven years, and complained his dad, who is worth $500 million, was a cheapskate with him. "In Spain, if you have the Iglesias name, they put you down as a spoiled rich kid. But my father has never given me a penny," Iglesias complained. "I went to a rich kids' school in Miami. The others drove Mercedes or Porches. I had a crummy car." And when Enrique went to Los Angeles to kick off his singing career, he revealed, "I didn't have any money. I had to stay with a friend."

January 24, 2003 - The Sun reports Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias have split up after a series of fights. The tensions started at the MTV Europe awards in Barcelona, which led to a series of jealous arguments and their eventual separation. "They always had a volatile relationship," a source revealed.

January 21, 2003 - The Sun reports Enrique Iglesias credits his beanie hat obsession with his grandmother. "My grandmother always wore a beanie hat and she introduced me to them," he said. "Now I have, like, 40 or 50. I get beanie hats from fans from all over the world."

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January 16, 2002 - Sky News reports Enrique Iglesias has signed a deal with a top Hollywood studio and they plan to remake the classic teen movie 'The Golden Disc', which makes a star out of a music-mad teenager. Enrique has told studio bosses that he wants Anna Kournikova to play his girlfriend in the movie, too. The tennis babe though has little acting experience, and some wonder if that may be a fatal request. Enrique revealed, "Together, we will be movie dynamite." Shooting for the film is supposed to start in April.

January 13, 2003 - Mumbai Newsline reports Enrique Iglesias reportedly will be making a visit to either Mumbai or Bangalore in India under the invite of Dr. Vijay Mallya, who is hosting several fashion shows in the country.

January 12, 2003 - While it has been suggested to Julio that a duet with his son Enrique Iglesias could be his ticket back to the airwaves, he says that's not necessary. "But he's very independent now. He has has to be independent," Julio tells Mike Weatherford of the Las Vegas Review Journal. "It's a very good time for him to be independent. I understand my kid very much. He's a lovely, wonderful guy and a great artist. I'm very happy with him, very excited also."

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