EMINEM - We're Still No.1 Freestyle lyrics

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Artist: cali kings f/ eminem<br>Teats and thurston howell, and yelling wordsworth<br>My mother smoked crack I had a premature birth<br>I'm just a nerve purse with badly disturbed nerves<br>You wanna be the one to step up and get served first<br>99% of aliens prefer earth<br>Come here to rule the planet, storm on your turf<br>I hid a secret message inside of a word search<br>With smeared letters, runnin together and blurs spurts<br>Hang with male shovenest pigs and perverts<br>I point water pistols at women and squirt shirts<br>Been a bad boy since diapers and gerbers<br>My first words were bleep bleep and curse curse<br>Never had shit and I still don't deserve dirt<br>My breath still stinks, and I'm on my third cert<br>Digging out my stitches, and hollering nurse nurse!<br>You said this shot would numb me this shit just hurts worse!<br><br>Slim shady<br>Cali kings<br>Baka boys

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