EMINEM - We Ride For Shady lyrics

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[Obie Trice]

We run this shit, fo-five on the hip

Been ridin' for Shady....

[ Cashis ]

Cashis 'n' O, Shady Records

The dream team...

[ Verse 1 ] [ Cashis ]

Sittin' in the back of the, all gray Accura

Gun to the passenger, for acting tough

Scatter wheel in the passin, Harder than assasin

Plus I'm on the draw-down, quick as fuck,

Last move 'fore I give all street shit up

Put a nigga in the ground, face down, feet up

This nigga here tried to cuff me for my Re-Up

When I went to his crib he called police up

Now you on your way to being pimp paplega

For sending messages through bitches like, 'You gon' see us'

Shady! Cash, king of the dope-fiends, plus

Can move a square mile by blocks 'till I'm creamed up

Take the bullet out of Obie head, put it in my pistol and use it

As ammunition on the niggas that hit, fam

I got to war on the regular, man

Cause I'm part of the dream team, you a regular man

Force rap, I don't see no competitors, and

You see things like me, when my metal run hand

I'm a state case boy with a federal plan

And huntin' them beats, beatin' the shit out skinheads

I'm the spirit of a G, bringin' lyrics to the street

I'm Cashis, a real dope boy on the beat

Slumped in the seat, tucked, clutchin' the heat

Basically, you niggas can't fuck with me

[ Chorus ] [ Cashis ]

We run this shit, fo'-five on the hip,

'Bout to ride for Shady

Y'all niggas ain't hard, y'all niggas ain't real

Y'all niggas ain't crazy

Bring it on if you want, you don't know the homicides

That I've done lately

We run this shit, fo'-five on the hip

'Bout to ride for Shady

[ Verse 2 ] [ Obie Trice ]

Yeah, Trice is back on the Alchy track

With Cashis, capitalising on this mic, in fact

We fuckin' with the captain of rap, my nigga with the Nike cap

Keep the cottonoid in quite exact

So I'm luring you cats into the second class act

Where maturing's the number uno asset, as yet

Who's the pastor, driver, O. Trice

The flow to die for and death blow survive

I echo through your external vibe

With internal experiences I've acquired

I'm probably the most honest Hip-Hopper alive

A victim, depicting images from my own eyes

Never livin' through holmes, why

Homie got his own set of stand-up cahoonas, stand-up guy

It's Cashis, O. Tri', rappers we blow by

This is as accurate as the masses will have it, no lie


[ Chorus ] [ Obie Trice ]

[ Chorus ] [ Cashis ]

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