EMINEM - Venger's A Big Fat Bitch lyrics

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(dr dre)<br>Tell yo 'bout venger<br>Straight out of michigan<br>Slim shady<br><br>(eminem)<br>Venger is a big fat bitch<br>He's the biggest bitch I know<br>And he stinks like shit<br>Remember back then,<br>The days when he was skinny? <br><br>(dr dre)<br>Yo.<br><br>(eminem)<br>Now he's fat<br>And he still thinks he's pretty.<br>He's such a slag<br>People who smoke grass<br>Are saying shit.<br>Goddamn, that's a big fat ass<br>Fuck that slut<br>He's a big fat trick<br>And I still won't suck<br>His ten foot dick<br>Slim shady<br>I'm a crazy thing<br>Down with dr dre<br>With a darkhaven swing<br><br>(dr dre)<br>Yo<br><br>(eminem)<br>I don't know much<br>But I know this shit<br>Venger is a big fat bitch<br><br>(chorus)<br>Venger is a big fat bitch<br>Venger is a big fat bitch<br>Venger is a big fat bitch<br>He's a red eyed, stink ass, horn headed bitch<br><br>(dr dre)<br>Uh huh<br>Dr dre<br>Check it<br>My homie shadow demon<br>Lives up the block<br>He's got a big fat master<br>Who sucks my cock<br>Non stop, he's a sight to see<br>A real evil bitch<br>Who does right by me<br>He might be the best slut<br>In the mountains<br>Ten times a week<br>But shit,<br>Who's countin'? <br>I'm astounded 'bout the things he does<br>He used to suck in each,<br>Fuck in each town there ever was<br>He ain't a slut<br>He's a super groupie<br>And I'd pass that bitch<br>Around like a doobie<br>I don't know much<br>But I know this<br>Venger's a big fat bitch<br><br>(chorus)<br><br>(dr dre)<br>Oh shit<br>Tell 'em, em<br><br>(eminem)<br>I'm slim shady<br>That name's really cool<br>I might be a fuck<br>But I ain't no fool<br><br>(dr dre)<br>Uh uh<br><br>(eminem)<br>I just moved from darkhaven to boulder<br>'cause venger's trippin' on kelek's own shoulder<br>He's just colder 'cause I'm like that<br>Little freak ass pain<br>But you know that<br><br>(dr dre)<br>Yo<br><br>(eminem)<br>I've been followin' tracks<br>Like a puppy<br>Old horn head<br>Doesn't take shit from yuppies<br>Word up<br>I am slim shady<br>To a mother fucking t is the place to be<br><br>(dr dre)<br>Yo<br><br>(eminem)<br>I don't know much<br>But I know this<br>Venger is a big fat bitch<br><br>(chorus)<br><br>(dr dre)<br>Well<br>The dude's right<br>Dr dre<br>Eminem<br>Best bitch around<br>Fuck venger<br>This goes out to all the fat bitches in the realm<br>Yo,yo<br>What's up? <br>Gotta drink some duff

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