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Yo, I'm tryin' to be the man of the day

Three six five a year

See the bullshit you sayin', Skam ain't tryin' to hear (Fuck that!)

Bustin' lyrics in the air

Keepin' some up in the chamber


Yo Skam, what the fuck you doin'?


Man, I'm releasin anger!


I'm tryin' to be the illest of the day

Three six five a year

See that bullshit you sayin', Shady ain't tryin' to hear

Spittin' lyrics in your ear

Keepin' some up in the chamber


Aiyyo Shady what the fuck you doin'?


I'm releasin anger!


Man I'm tired of bein' tired, everytime I wake up

Tired of these fake ducks, tired of bein' late for the bus

Tired of all be blendin', and endin' up datin sluts

So my facial expression stay stuck up, and shut the fuck up!

To the pity ass rappers, that ain't shit with out make-up, wake up

Gold diggin' bitches, the buck stops here

The road to riches is closed for repair

So if the shoe ain't fittin, girl leave that shit alone

You aint Erykah Badu, what I look like Tyrone?

I rip your tissue out your ear

Spittin' like I don't care

My hair look like I ain't come it, shit a damn near year

So I burn, zig-zag, I leave the next man with his heels up

Brain dead, and be reincarnated at a speed bump

When we done we stay hard, so you don't land shit

Suck Skam's dick, off of what a dead man spit

Yo that's it, I don't plan shit, you know how we go down

They need to slow down, and take a look who the hoe now

At every industry party, gettin' so damn drunk

Can't remember the lass ass you kissed, or dick you sucked

Remind me of my ex, in the street got me veck

Tryin' to roll up on Miami, leavin' with a broke neck

Oh shit, leathal lyric equal land mind

I be stackin' up white rappers like im throwin' gas signs

And I'm, buck wild exposin the plain truth

You couldn't mess with me, fuckin' shit up in the same room

Hey you, I don't know you but fuck it, let me get a dollar

For this bad car, that go along with the breath

Some show the mad bomb, and steal the show like a theft

Cause in Miami, the baby jammin like three up in the chamber

(Yo Skam what the fuck you doin?)



Some people say I'm strange, I tell them ain't shit change

I'm still the same lame asshole with a different name

Became late to the last show with a different dane

Brain ate from the last "O" that I snifed off caine

You know you're spaced the fuck out like George Lucas

When your puke is turnin' to yellowish-orange mucus

So when I grab a pencil and squeeze it between fingers

I'm not a rapper, I'm a demon who speaks English

Freak genius, too extreme for the weak and squeamish

Burn you alive till you screamin' to be extinguished

Cause when I drop the science, motherfuckers tell me to stop the violence

Start a fire and block the hydrants

I'm just a mean person, you never seen worse than

So when Slim gets this M-16 burstin'

You gettin' spun backwards like every word of obscene cursin

On the B-side of my first single with the clean version

Stoppin your short life while you're still a teen virgin

Unless you get a kidney specialist and a spleen surgeon

In the best hospital possible for emergancy surgery

To try to stop the blood from your ruptured sternum iternally

I'll take it back before we knew each other's name

Run in a ultrasound and snatch you out your mothers frame

I'll take it further back than that

Back to Lovers' lane, to the night you were thought of, and

Cock-block your father's game

I'll plead the fifth like my jaws were muzzled

So suck my dick while I take a shit and do this crossword puzzle

And when I'm down with ten seconds left in the whole bout

I'ma throw a head-butt so hard, I'll knock us both out


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