EMINEM - Things Get Worse (Snippet) lyrics

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There's no need to say shit you already know

The question is just how far will this go

How far will he take it

And when will he stop

Shady man I done told you once homie to easy up

But you just won't listen will ya nah I guess not

You just can't can ya man I can't stand ya

You're rotten what you plottin' for us

Man when are you gonna let up

I guess things are gonna get much worse 'fore they get better

Holy Toledo it's Angelina Jolie amigo

She told me yo shady just hand your penis to me I'll deep throat

And Brad if you try to stand between us then we're gonna see bro

Who was a fantasy I don't mean to damage your ego

You faggots wanna rassle I shove a fucking jar of vaseline up inside your asshole

And rope it shut with a lasso

Couple of crushed lexapro broken up with the capsule or paxil

Just incase I ain't dope enough with the raps though

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