EMINEM - The Conspiracy Freestyle lyrics

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(feat. Green Lantern)

[Green Lantern:]

Okay, it's about that time again


Green Lantern!

[Green Lantern:]

That's right


G-G-G-G-unnii [burp]Shit..



We back! Invasion, Part 2

The conspiracy

Cause we ain't gunna never stop, you just keep wastin' you energy on us

You should find something to do with your time (time)

And quit fuckin' with us cause we ain't fuckin' with you

And it must be fuckin' with you so much you must be goin' out your mind (mind)

[Verse 1:]

They say i'm a damn way from my entire empire crumbilin'

Speak up your mumbillin'

What the fuck are you so (be,be,be,be,k,k,k,k) okay baby this is Shady I know you is a lil baby and wish we would just go away and we may weeble wobble but we don't fall down like J master J's two turn tables(R.I.P.)our label is just too stable

Your magazine is so mutha fuckin' thin you usin' staples to hold it together

It's turnin' back into a news paper

And y'all got someting for my ass every issue

Thank you cause I keep runin outta fuckin' tissue

And not to diss you but god I was sick of lookin' at you

Atleast I can know when nikes' got a new tennis shoe

But I guess no g'news is always good g'news

Movin' on to big, better things (Chickachickacheureh)

50's blowin' up

Missy keeps on throwin' up

What the fuck is goin' on?

Who the fuck is Norah Jones?

Shady wait a minute baby leave the world alone just go up there and be humble and take them another time

Bush has just declared the World a fuckin' war zone

Meanwhile we got a war goin' on of our own at home

My fuckin' minds blown, tryin' to figure out how to fight my own clone

Rhine stones are so nice, they shine so bright especially at night

After a hit of ecstasy ain't that right whoooaaaa

Wait a minute i'm ramblin', back to the matter at hand it's Green Lantern

With Elvis Presly the selfish MC back to ruin rap and destroy the industry

Single handedly and oh man did we yeah me an 50, obie me and Twizzy, and Nelly, and Missy, and Jigga god damn it's all a plan devised by the man

It's a conspiracy again fake shit and anybody who can't make hits or dope shit lyrically

So fuck what ya hurd or what you read about

We ain't ruinin' rap baby we just tryna' weed it out

Shady in the place to be see

And I got what it takes to Roc The Mic right!

Still keep talking shit to me punk

Cause your magazine is over in less than six months

hahah, Shady records, still aftermath

and don't think we can hear you muthafuckas talking, cause we can't, we don't hear y'all, so we're just gunna sit back for the rest of our lives while you ride our dicks.

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