EMINEM - Taking My Ball lyrics

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<i>[Eminem]</i><br />

Yo...Dre Man..Make my vocals sound sexy,<br />

Come on man, come on man, okaaaay,<br />

<br />

<i>[Chorus]</i><br />

It feels so wrong cause it feels so right,<br />

But its all right, its ok with me,<br />

I'll do my steps all by myself,<br />

I don't need nobody to play with me,<br />

But if you just give me a chance,<br />

I can put you in a trance the way I dance,<br />

But don't nobody wanna play with me so I'm<br />

Taking My Ball and going home, hooome,<br />

<br />

<i>[Verse 1]</i><br />

I'm that guy man,<br />

Shove a diamond up my hind end,<br />

And crush it with my butt muscles while I cut vocals,<br />

Slut poke holes in ya shirt, jump in mud puddles,<br />

While I stomp mudholes in ya ass girl,<br />

Now lets cuddle,<br />

Blood curdling your gurgling on your blood,<br />

What I do for my next trick,<br />

Im feeling won-der-ful,<br />

I think I might just do something a little less subtle,<br />

Shove a fucking tonka truck up a little kids butthole,<br />

Feel the wrath of a psychopath slash ambassador of the valentines day massacre slash assassin<br />

I slash her in the ass with a icicle<br />

And leave her laying a blood bath<br />

While I put a catheter in<br />

And jump in the bath with her,<br />

In my spiderman mask man<br />

Just imagine the fun I can have with a strap on,<br />

Stick it up Kim Kardashian's ass and make the bitch run a triathlon,<br />

Are those pistachio's damn, I'd like to have some,<br />

Laying on the patio man, rolling a fat one,<br />

Shady drop the magic marker, put the cap on,<br />

God damn man are you that much of an asshole,<br />

<br />

<i>[Chorus]</i><br />

<br />

<i>[Verse 2]</i><br />

I'm like houdini,<br />

Tuck my teenie eenie weenie between each<br />

One of my thighs and make it disappear like a genie,<br />

Make the shit disappear like tara reid in a bikini, believe me homie,<br />

You don't know the meaning of a meanie,<br />

They call me the fruit loop from jupiter,<br />

I'm trying to maneuver the hoover up in your poop shoot,<br />

Dont move or ya might get it stuck so fucking far up in your uvula<br />

You aint gonna know what he was tryna do to ya gluteus,<br />

Totally tubular sniffing glue through a tube in the studio<br />

Now who do ya think is more fruitier,<br />

Weenier smoothered in peanut butter putting on a tube of ya eye shadow and man it look nice,<br />

You should've seen it mother,<br />

I think I'll put a piece of art on my visa card,<br />

Then I'll go meet Mischa Barton with a Cuisinart<br />

Then mosy on over to Rosie-o-Donnell's<br />

With McDonald's jump on her lap and watch the Sopranos..<br />

<br />

<i>[Chorus]</i><br />

<br />

<i>[Verse 3]</i><br />

Shady what are you doing chewing on a human,<br />

Grab an aluminum bat hit Heidi Klum in the back, BOOM!<br />

Assuming the fact that dudes in the back room<br />

Using the bathroom vacuum and a racoon,<br />

Skewing a rat a cat screwing a baboon,<br />

You shouldn't ask what is he doing with that broom,<br />

You should be glad he ain't leave you full of stab wounds,<br />

You in a trance, I'm back doing my dance ooh,<br />

But there afraid I might get Sarah Palin by the hair<br />

And make her wear a bathing suit and take her para sailing<br />

Shady why you gotta pick on the lady for,<br />

Why you make her read 84 bed time stories to you in baby talk?<br />

Cause I'm scared there's monster's under my bed,<br />

Kelly Pickler hid my juice box under my bassinet,<br />

No wonder my ass is wet my diaper needs to be changed,<br />

You like graffiti dike, well I can pee pee and write your name,<br />

<br />

<i>[Chorus]</i><br />

<br />

Fine nobody wants to play with me <br />

Fuck you then bitch!<br />

You guys are always mean to me anyways <br />

All you ever do is rub gum in my hair and stuff<br />

You guys are gonna make me...make me sad I'm sad<br />

I'm gonna cry...I'm crying<br />

I'm going' tell my mom....mom...


<i>[Thanks to Roger D. for these lyrics]</i><br>


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