EMINEM - Step Right Up lyrics

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Step right up

Am about ta light up the sky line

So bright am gonna

Fuck ya whole night up

Light up ya glow sticks

And go stick the stick

In ya ass

This is the ghost of christmas past

This is the host ya surpose

To kiss his ass

This is grose but listen close

If you don't you can go

And stick ya whole frickin nose

Againsgt this comparity

And let one go

And blows ya wiskers bk

And get a great big whole wiff

And if ya last with out passin out

You'd be on the next episode

Of fear factor yeah am back ta

Back to what? I don't know

Smack a little childs actors butt

Mike Jackson what?

What the fuck you want?

I've got a punt and some jesue juice

Who needs an excuse theses days

The way they rally around pedophiles

Ya lucky I don't pee in ya face

I can do anything and apoligise for it later

And along as it anit a rasict tape

From 88 then am straight up

That can not be forgave

If a drank pee for 18 years straight

And eat shit everyday on a porsline plate

That was shape like a toliet with a fork n steak knife

For the rest of my life I had to watch my Ex-wife

Get fucked by vanilla ice twice a day

Cus I said N-I-G-G-A when I was a teenager

Bllaaa blaaa Shad-a fourty-five

Shorty, let me get your number baby

Maybe I can hump your leg or something

But it's time for me to go

So I stopped and jumped in the vehicle

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