EMINEM - Split Shine lyrics

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Verse 1<br>I 'ma clean this whole shit out like climax,<br>With words put togeather better then sony electronics,<br>King of the jungle, humbly stay honest,<br>Eat with the lions, swim with peranas,<br>Gassoline the scene, strike the match,<br>Inferno, I'm to throue nigga, so stand back,<br>I spit shine, get mine and rip rhyme<br>And make my career take a incline,<br>I'm strick with knives, straight with razors,<br>Good with grenades and great with gadges, (yeah)<br>Been around the world on a million stages,<br>Watch nigga's bitch up and go through changes,<br>I had gun's before guns was in fashion,<br>I mashed out before niggas knew mashin,<br>I knew terror before the plane started crashin,<br>I got punch lines and nigga's ain't laughin...<br><br>Chorus<br><br>I'm gon be here after the smoke dye down,<br>Insomnia style I won't lye down,<br>Fight the good fight don't need no help,<br>Keep your hands up defend yourself,<br>Move like I move and live lifelong ,<br>Can't move up if your hearts not strong,<br>Get your own shit cause this shit's mine,<br>Every time I spit, I shine<br><br>Verse 2<br><br>Cock-sucker I preach what I practise,<br>Back shit up, wrap this, rap shit up,<br>Still actin up, get found in the trunk of an acuva,<br>Yall suck like jail in dracula,<br>X turn up the heat, increase the hatred,<br>Straight stone face don't fuck with gay shit,<br>So I guess that means I cant fuck with you now,<br>Drew down, let off, facate to new town,<br>You feel like bishop, induced now,<br>Gotta flame thrower that will burn<br>Great holes till you goose down, (yeah)<br>Rough sound, same strong background,<br>Bent on black the big boys playin tips down,<br>My whole train of thought is the party,<br>Any motherfucker with problems and not get caught,<br>I was blessed with life when I cursed to death,<br>I'm a spit till my very last breath...<br><br>(fuck y'all)<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Verse 3<br><br>Let me get a three second look, I hit a million dollar target,<br>You ain't came up yet well nigga' let me show ya, (aaaa)<br>Come across dope like planes and boats,<br>Like baloons filled with coke, down a mexican's throat,<br>You ever seen a man get smoked and shit on himself,<br>The body shake for a second, then it can't stop a second,<br>The evidence are the weapon and the people involved,<br>Let one nigga talk, everybody gettin caught, for sure,<br>I say that, to say this,<br>If you cant handle the time then ride the beach,<br>Might as well touch your tail and jump the fence,<br>Castrate yourself expose the bitch,<br>X go head up, the fuck never ran from it,<br>I got engadged with buck shots that you can't stomach,<br>You ain't a killer you a album filler,<br>You ain't a soldier you a rap premoter,<br>Game over...<br><br>Chorus

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