EMINEM - Soldier (the Goat Remix 1st verse) Lyrics lyrics

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Never Had A Dog Just Infatuated With Goats

Was A Virgin Till I Stuffed My Cock In One Of Their Throats

But Billy Goat Had A Thang

For Sucking My Wang

And I Could Hold On To His Horns

When I Decided To Bang Him

I Tried To Threesome Once With Sheep

But Their Holes Were Not Deep

Lambchop Was Too Fuckin Shallow So I Said

"Bitch Cant You See You're not The One For Me

And It's True That I Will Never Love You"

And I Feel It's Part Of My Obligation To Fulfill

The Fantasies Of A Goat And To Make His Dreams Come Real

No Hesitation Ain't No Problem For Me To Get Laid

And I Feel Safe Fucking Goats Because I Know I Wont Get AIDS

If You Can Catch It-Screw It

If It Feels Good Do It

Being Fashionable Will Leave It Full Of Jizz

So Make Him Suck Until You're Empty

If You Tempt Me I'll Push Goat Pussy

And I'll Give That Lil Goat Pecker A Good Squeeze

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