EMINEM - Say My Name lyrics

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(feat. Xzibit & Nate Dogg)


This ain't beef man

I don't know what the fuck to call it

But no beef

Whattup X?

I float like big spirit in this bitch I'm ghostly

Rush me, cause you ain't gonna live to roast me

I'd have my motherfuckin ass kicked by Moby

if I let some bitch in the Can like 'Bis cop over me

to do war, and try to bring my crew back down

I'll never stoop, to that level, to do that now

I got a new cat, this time I'm pullin two gats out

With bullets, I finally got somethin to shoot at now


Let's see who got they city on lock

Let's see who got the better aim with the glock

Let's see who come out on top

Let's see who REALLY want they name in the streets

Let's see who wanna die the same time as me

and make ends meet

Now was I, blessed with a gift, or cursed with a curse?

I follow, hearse after hearse, with verse after verse

And I'll be damned if I let Billy dance Dupri

Or anybody swing an axe at my family tree, so now

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]

I love it when you niggaz be talkin, sayin my name

Seems like your mouth is not connected to your brain

Two-zero-zero-three, and shit, it ain't the same

Better have a strap my nigga, simple and plain

Put your nuts on the table, my nigga let's play the game

Heard you so long, you be up to get the pain

I don't wanna hear what you meant, do not explain

Right before you lay in your coffin, hoe say my name


Why do you hate me? (Hate me) I came from nothin

Blood sweat and tears, you did not create me

How can you doubt me? (Doubt me) You don't know shit about me

There'd be no West coast without me

Cut with the bullshit (Bullshit) I struggle for survival

And now you tryin to act like my rival?

Watch what you say partner, it's a small earth

Don't play games with your life nigga, it's not worth

all the pain (all the pain) all the agony (all the agony)

All the horror (all the horrow) all the tragedy (all the tragedy)

Put your hands up people, it's time to fight now

I beat holes in your chest, remain hostile

Threaten my life? (C'mon!) One day you'll understand

They say that pride is the sign of a foolish man

So who the FUCK?! (Who the FUCK?!) you think you talkin to

Live and direct in the flesh, I'm right in FRONT OF YOU!



I never really smashed on Jermaine's ass, Dre smashed him

Nobody ganged up 'til he came back and jacked him

I never really brought it to his ass, I tapped him

I coulda been like Treach, boom-bapped and slapped him

purple, for mimickin him with two rappin Urkels

I coulda snapped, took it past rap and hurt you

But I didn't, I kept it on wax and served you

I "Square Dance" cause I'm sick of rappin circles

around these clowns, stready tryin to call me out

It's like I'm listenin to motherfuckin dogs meow

You'd probably do better tryin to come and stomp me out

You don't want it with rap, this is what I'm all about - c'mon

(I) No gangsta you ain't either

(Will) But I know that I spit "Ether"

(Not) I shoulda crossed your belly

(Lose) Show you I'm not R. Kelly

X, pass me the weed, I'ma put my ashes out on his ass

For the last time man.. [scratched] - "Watch your fuckin mouth"



For the last time man, I'm through

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