EMINEM - Public Service Announcement lyrics

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(same announcer as the first public service announcement on the slim shady<br>Lp)<br><br>Announcer: this is another public service announcement brought to you, in<br>Part, by slim shady.<br><br>Eminem: (whispered): tell 'em I don't give a fuck<br><br>Announcer: slim shady does not give a fuck...what you think!<br><br>Eminem: tell 'em to suck it<br><br>Announcer: if you don't like it, you can suck his fucking cock!<br>Eminem: tell 'em they kissed my ass<br><br>Announcer: little did you know, upon purchasing this album, you have just<br>Kissed his ass!<br><br>Eminem: tell 'em I'm fed up<br><br>Announcer: slim shady is fed up with your shit...and he's going to kill you!<br><br>Eminem: yeah<br><br>Announcer: uh...anything else? <br><br>Eminem: yeah...sue me.

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